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Care Omnia Charity Initiative - Teach & Support A Charity

We'd like to invite you to write an article about anything related to a healthy lifestyle that you have experience and knowledge about.

As thanks for your contribution you'll have the opportunity to choose your favorite charity to link to at the end of the article.

That way you'll not only be able to directly help others choose a healthier lifestyle but you'll also help promote your favorite charity.

Sounds good right? We think so!

Step-by-Step Process For Contributing

We've written down the process in a few steps to try to be as clear as possible about how we, you and us, could work together on this.

Please contact us if you have any suggestions on improvements on our process and/or requirements.

So here's how we see the process in 9 steps

  1. Read the list of requirements below (Step 1...) so you know what we and you can expect from a contribution
  2. Contact us by direct messaging through any of the social platforms we use
  3. We'll then send you a simple template that's designed to help with the outline of your article
  4. You write your article
  5. You send in your article to us (including pictures or other media that you've created)
  6. We then review the article with regards to readability and factual correctness and if needed suggest improvements
  7. After the article is finished you provide us with a link to your chosen charity and a short bio about yourself (if you choose to state your identity). You can choose to be anonymous.
  8. We publish your article on and promote it through our social media platforms
  9. Our visitors will be able to enjoy your writing and your favorite charity might get more donations. It's a win-win for all involved!

It's as simple as that!

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Step 1. What We And You Agree On As A Foundation For Our Co-Operation

This step is much more complicated than we anticipated at first but we believe that having a clear understanding on what's expected from all involved is a good solid foundation to build our co-operation on.

We're sure that the list below will have to be updated as we continue working on our Charity Initiative. So we reserve the right to be able to update it at any time.

Last updated: 09-14-2020

  • The Article/Text
    • The article needs to focus on health, healthy living or the promotion thereof
    • Opinions are absolutely ok but we believe our readers want a mix of opinions and facts
    • When you state or refer to facts you have to provide references (url/link to specific pages) to reputable and highly trusted sources
    • We use english as our primary language. So your contribution has to be written in english. You don't have to be a native english writer to be able to contribute.
    • The length of the article can vary greatly. It all depends on how much is required to give the reader the answer or information he or she searched for. We expect a minimum of about 800 words to a maximum of 2500 words per article.
    • The article (pictures, media etc) you send to us has to be original, written by you, for use exclusively by Care Omnia. Care Omnia receives the right from you, the original owner of your work, to use all material, text, pictures etc that you contribute forever, without charge/cost
    • We do not tolerate any discriminatory or offensive language, pictures or expressions of any kind
  • Your identity
    • You can choose to be anonymous to the reader (not to us). Your article will be published with the author Care Omnia. You'll still have the opportunity to choose a charity
    • If you choose to state your identity we need a short bio (expertise, interests etc.) from you and also, if you have one, a link to your website. This bio will be displayed at the bottom of the article
  • The Charity
    • The charity of your choice has to be related to health, well-being or the promotion thereof
    • The charity has to be a registered non-profit (in the country of its main operations)
    • We reserve the right to change the charity chosen if it doesn't meet the requirements. Before we change it we'll give you the opportunity to choose another one yourself
  • Publishing and Editorial
    • In order to provide our readers with the most up-to-date information we reserve the right to update/edit the article after its initial publication when needed. If you've chosen to state your identity in that article we will contact you and ask for an update/revision before doing it ourselves. We will however not waste your time for minor editing like for instance correcting spelling or updating references/sources/links
    • In order for our readers to be able to find relevant information through searches online we need to reserve the right to change the title and subheadings of the article. We welcome your recommendations for a title and/or subheadings
    • We reserve the right to not publish the article
  • You Own Your Information
    • By contacting us/contributing material (text, media etc.) to us you agree that we store your contact information and a list of your contributions.
    • Your contact information will not be used in any mailing lists or other marketing strategies. It will only be used in the context of our continued co-operation within the Charity Initiative.
    • You can request your contact information to be deleted from our lists. If you do so, the materials, articles, texts, pictures etc will be anonymized and will be evaluated again by us for continued publishing on By removing your information from our lists you agree that we will thereafter treat the article as our own in every way (as we can't know who the author is)
  • Terms of use
    • By contributing materials, text, articles etc to Care Omnia you agree to our terms of use & policies and the requirements and expectations expressed here
Please consider sharing this article

Step 2 & Beyond

We'd like to congratulate you for completing step 1!

If you have any questions or comments about step 1 or any other step, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please contact us and let's make this world healthier, together!

Best regards,
Sara and Peter