Milk for a Healthier Lifestyle

A bottle and a glass with milk
Some prefer storing milk in glass bottles

We believe milk to be one of the healthiest forms of dairy there is.

Although some varieties can be more healthy than others.

Cow's milk is still the most common milk to drink.

There are several, both mammalian and plant-based alternatives that are gaining popularity.

First we give you a brief introduction of milk and the benefits it can provide and then we list all our articles about milk.

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Several Different Kinds Of Milk

The Nutrients Milk Provide

Milk contains protein, minerals, and vitamins. Milk and cheese are our most important sources of calcium, and also give us phosphorus, vitamin B12, and riboflavin.

Milk is commonly enriched with vitamin D, which many people get too little of, especially those who live in the Northern hemisphere.

Milk contains different nutrients depending on if your milk is mammalian or plant-based

The plant-based milk is almost always fortified with nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. This because of the lack of naturally occuring nutrients in the bean or seed itself.

The mammalian milk can also be enriched with some nutrients but as it contains a lot of beneficial nutrients naturally it's not always needed or preferred.

All Our Articles About Milk

Below you'll find our articles written about milk.

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Read about the benefits and side-effects of 8 different kinds of milk.

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Drinking Milk Every Day! Is It Good Or Bad For You?

Is cows milk really good for you?

Yes, but drink it with moderation.

In this article we'll go through the research to why milk is good for you and what that might make it bad.

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