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We have 17000+ foods in our tool

Welcome to a platform where you can explore the nutrients present in your daily meals.

Discover comprehensive lists of foods meticulously ranked by their nutrient content.

Whether you're searching for specific nutrients or curious about the nutritional makeup of particular foods, this resource is designed to assist you.

Our aim is to support your journey in finding foods that contribute to a healthy lifestyle or to simply satisfy your curiosity about the contents of your daily meals.

Give it a try below!

Table of Contents

Search For A Specific Food Or Nutrient

You can search for a specific food, nutrient or claim through our search page.

Browse Food Categories

Follow this link to get a list of all food categories in our tool.

The list can be very long but if you're unsure about what to search for or if you're looking for the best option in a specific food category then this way might be worth a shot.

Browse All Nutrients

Did you know there are essential nutrients, i.e. nutrients we can't live without, that many of us might never have heard about?

Learn more about the nutrients in our food by following this link to get a list of all nutrients in our tool.

If you know what nutrient you want to learn more about then this is the way to go.

Browse All Foods

We have more than 16000 foods registered. Listing all of them on one page takes a while but if you can't find it any other way we recommend you try it.

Use this link to get a list of all foods in our tool.

About This Tool & What Data We Use

We're developing this tool continuously with the aim to provide a resource for people who are after information about nutrients in our foods.

Our main focus is providing this information in an easy to digest form.

We aim to provide you with information that you can use, confidently, to be able to choose a healthier lifestyle, today.

Citing and referencing our tool

You are welcome to use/reference our tool if you want in your own work/blog. All we ask is that you cite and link to us as a reference.

If you instead want to use the raw nutritional data to develop your own tool, we recommend you check out the below listed sources directly.

The nutritional data we use

We use nutritional data from U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. FoodData Central .

Data last updated: May 05, 2022.