Nutrition: Foods & Nutrients for a Healthier Lifestyle

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Nutrition, the science that explores how substances like food and drink impact our bodies, plays a crucial role in supporting our health by providing essential nutrients.

An integral part of this science is examining the adverse effects of malnutrition and its role in the development of chronic diseases.

Nutrition lays the foundation for life-long health.

In this introduction, we briefly explore the concept of nutrition and its significance. Below, we've categorized the field of nutrition for your convenience.

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What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is a critical component of health and development, involving the consumption of a healthy and balanced diet.

Food and drink provide the energy and nutrients necessary for maintaining good health.

Essentially, nutrition is about obtaining the right food and nourishment needed for health and growth.

Poor nutrition can result in a lack of energy, digestive problems, food allergies, weight gain, depression, and anxiety.

Over time, it may also contribute to the development of chronic diseases.

When Supplements are a Viable Option

The body generally processes food more effectively than supplements, making a nutritional diet the most efficient way to obtain essential nutrients.

However, there are exceptions; for example, supplements like folic acid, a synthetic form of folates found in plant foods, may be better absorbed in supplement form.

There are periods in life when supplements can be crucial for a person's health. Additionally, the need for different nutrients varies across the lifespan, with infants, children, adults, men, women, and pregnant women requiring different quantities and types of nutrients.

Nutrition Facts Label

The Nutrition Facts label, found on packaged foods, is a required or mandatory feature in many countries.

It provides information about the nutrients present in the food, aiding consumers in making quick and informed decisions about their food choices.

These labels are designed to help you maintain a healthy diet.

All Our Nutrition Categories

We've divided the field of nutrition into several categories

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Care Omnia Nutrition Tool

With our nutrition tool you can find out all about the nutritional contents of the food you eat and also find alternatives that may provide even better nutrition.

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Care Omnia Nutrition Tool - Know What Nutrients There Are In Your Food

Supplements for a healthier lifestyle

There are situations during a persons lifetime where it can be difficult to get all nutrients needed through the diet.

Supplementation can then be a viable option.

Supplements for a Healthier Lifestyle

Learn how to recognize a high quality supplement with our guide for choosing the best supplements or why not browse through the top supplements we've found using our guide?

Nutrients for a healthier lifestyle

Nutrients are compounds that we need to function properly.

Many nutrients are essential, and we must therefore obtain them through our diet, or if necessary through supplementation.

Nutrients are divided into two groups, depending on how much we need of that particular nutrient.


Carbohydrates, protein, fat, and water. They make up most of your diet.


Vitamins and minerals. We need them in much smaller amounts.

Nutrients for a Healthier Lifestyle

In this category, you'll be able to explore a wide variety of both macro- and micronutrients.

Healthy Food for a healthier lifestyle

Healthy eating is all about balance. Eating nutrient-rich foods is foundational for your health. There is so much you can do for your health just by eating well!

Foods for a healthier lifestyle

Good nutrition starts early, so it is important to introduce children to healthy foods as soon as they begin to eat real food.

Children need to get all the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development.

But introducing healthier foods early is also a good way to teach your children what is good for them and what is not.

It lays the foundation for lifelong health.

In this category, you will find a wealth of articles on a wide variety of healthy foods.

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