What Is Valeric Acid (5:0)?

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Valeric acid, 5:0, is a short-chain saturated fatty acid. It serves as the conjugate acid of valerate.

Valeric acid is naturally present in our tissues and biofluids.

Although not widespread in nature, it is a sweet-tasting compound produced by bacteria and yeasts.

The World of Valeriana Officinalis

5:0, also known as valeric acid or pentanoic acid (source ), is a saturated fatty acid.

This colorless, oily liquid has a distinctive odor described as reminiscent of stale cheese (source ).

The plant valerian, Valeriana officinalis, is a natural source of valeric acid (source ).

The Sweet-Tasting Valeric Acid

Valeric acid is a well-known sweet-tasting compound with low toxicity.

As a member of the fatty acid family, it plays a crucial role in the flavor of dairy products, produced by bacteria and yeasts.

Versatile Uses of Valeric Acid

Primarily used in perfumes, cosmetics, and as a food additive, valeric acid's fruity esters contribute to various scents (source ).

Additionally, it is employed in the synthesis of detergents and serves as a precursor for biodegradable surfactants, polymers, and specialty chemicals.

Commercially, valeric acid is produced through the fermentation of carbohydrates.

Valeric Acid's Valuable Properties

Valeric acid exhibits valuable properties in treating inflammatory conditions, especially psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Topically applied, it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, making it effective in treating acne.

Valeric acid has been utilized in the treatment of various disorders, including forms of cancer and vitamin A deficiency-related conditions like keratomalacia.

Valeric Acid in Common Foods

Valeric acid is naturally present in common foods, such as grapefruits, plums, melons, figs, peaches, strawberries, asparagus, broccoli, eggplant, cauliflower, tomatoes, parsley, garlic, and beans.

It is also included in health supplements and added to foods like bread, candies, cheese, and yogurt

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