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Recommended By Care Omnia Cloudberries (What & Where To Buy)

Cloudberries (What & Where To Buy) - Top Recommendations

Below you'll find all our top recommendations when searching for products made from, or the cloudberries themselves!

We go through what products we recommend, why we recommend them and also provide you links to where you can purchase them.

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Recommended Cloudberry Jams and Preserves

Cloudberry is a berry that is one of a kind. Hard to cultivate, hard to pick, quite expensive but wonderful, beautiful and delicious!

A good way to be able to enjoy cloudberries throughout the year is by making jam or preserve from them.

What we look for when choosing a Jam or Preserve

We like to see a jam that has a lower content of sugar and where the berries are the main ingredient and not the sugar!

We want a jam that goes just as well on toast for breakfast or to a meal. This means that it can't be to sweet.

We're also interested in what other ingredients the manufacturer might have added to the jam. We like to see as few ingredients as possible.

Recommended Traditional Cloudberry Jam

Felix Hjortronsylt – Cloudberry Jam 283g
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Cloudberry jam goes great together with a lot of different dishes, all from fish courses to ice cream.

It’s unique taste works even better with waffles or pancakes with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

This traditional cloudberry jam #ad available through Amazon is made by one of the largest producers of jams and preserves in Sweden.

We were delighted to find it on Amazon as it's absolutely delicious and a great way to enjoy genuine Scandinavian flavors.

Why you should buy it

Cloudberry jam tastes sweet and sour at the same time, in a nice harmony. It contains sugar, but it's not overly sweet.

Recommended Cloudberry Preserve

Wild Cloudberry Preserves (14.1 ounce)
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Cloudberry preserves usually have tiny seeds left in during the preserving so the jam is a bit crunchy.

Don't worry, cloudberry seeds aren't hard.

They just give the preservative some texture and add to the experience of eating these amazing berries.

This cloudberry preserve we recommend #ad is also from Sweden and of great quality.

Oh, and did we mention it tastes great?

Why you should buy it

Preserves are perfect to have on scones or toast. You can also have it to cheesecake or in a pie. It also has a great texture.

As it's a preserve it has a bit more sugar in it, but if you don’t over eat it, it’s perfect! It will also last a bit longer because of that added sugar.

Although shelf-life won't be a problem, trust me, you won't be throwing away cloudberry products. They're just too delicious!

Recommended Cloudberry Powder

Jungle Powders Cloudberry Powder 3.5 oz, Pure Nordic Freeze Dried Cloudberry Extract No Sugar Added, Additive and Filler Free Natural Knotberry Powder
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Berries in powder form give you not only the flexibility of long shelf-life but also the great taste of the berries.

This cloudberry powder #ad available through Amazon is made of pure nordic freeze dried cloudberries.

They have no sugar added and they are also additive and filler free.

Without added sugar you get to enjoy the most genuine, true cloudberry flavor.

As with the other products, if you need sugar, add it yourself so you know how much you're adding.

Why you should buy it

There's no end to all the different foods and dishes you can have this in.

It will give a new dimension to all the usual desserts and foods you eat.

We recommend you start off by adding a touch of gold to your waffles, your ice cream or your porridge.

Recommended Frozen Cloudberries

We always recommend to make your jam yourself. We also recommend to eat the berries as they are.

Buying frozen berries is a good alternative if you don’t have the opportunity to pick the berries yourself.

Frozen berries last for a long time, a lot longer than fresh ones.

What we look for when choosing frozen berries

The berries shouldn't have been prepared in any way before they were frozen. There should also not be any added sugar.

When we look for frozen berries, we only buy those berries that have been frozen directly after picking. This ensures that the berries are kept as close to fresh as possible.

Recommended Frozen Cloudberries

Cloudberries are amazing! We buy a lot of frozen berries. We recommend these organic cloudberries that are hand picked in the north of Sweden.

They are pricey, but there are reasons why that is. For instance, these berries grow almost exclusively in the wild, in hard to get to environments, marshes, where you have to pick them, one by one, by hand.

There's no machines to help with that job. Cloudberries grow one and one on stems and not in some kind of bush. The berries are almost impossible to cultivate.

There are currently no frozen cloudberries available on Amazon that we can recommend. We'll update as soon as this changes!

Why you should buy it

Frozen cloudberries are the perfect way to go. You can eat them as they are or you have the opportunity to make something of them by yourself, like a nice cloudberry jam.

These berries are not sweetened, which is the way we want it. We never buy pre-sweetened frozen berries. If we want sugar on them, we add it ourselves.

The Perfect Cloudberry Gift?

Hafi Swedish Cloudberry Preserves, 14.1 oz Jar in a BlackTie Box
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We've found the perfect gift to give to someone who you would like to experience the unique taste of cloudberries.

What you get in this package is the cloudberry preserve we recommend above in a black tie box #ad

So it's all ready to be gifted!

Just send it to your friend and wait for the myriad of happy emojis when he/she gets to taste it.

Please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions or comments about our recommendations.

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