Cloudberries For A Healthier Lifestyle

Cloudberries are called the Gold of the forest in Scandinavia. They grow in marshes which makes them really hard to pick in large quantities.

Cloudberries are culinarily classified as berries but are actually botanically classified as fruit.

The fruit is initially red and hard, but as it matures it becomes more yellow, softer and juicy.

Cloudberries Are Also Called

  • Nordic berry
  • Bakeapple
  • Knotberry or Knoutberry
  • Aqpik or Low-bush Salmonberry
  • Averin or Evron

What Cloudberries Are Used For

The ripe berries are mainly used for the production of jams, but also for liqueur. The leaves of the cloudberry bush is also dried to make delicious and nutritious tea.

Cloudberries are also often used for desserts, drinks and it's a perfect match with vanilla ice-cream. Add waffles with the ice-cream and the result will taste sublime!

By squeezing the berries you get a delicious vitamin juice worth its weight in gold.

How Do Cloudberries Differ From Other Berries?

If we won't mention the obvious answer about Cloudberries not being berries at all they do tend to be used as berries. So how do they differ from other berries?

Cloudberries only grow in northern climates. They grow slowly in the northern hemisphere and have a high content of vitamin C.

Cloudberries aren't cultivated and are very expensive

Cloudberries are not grown or cultivated in large scale, they grow almost exclusively in the wild.

Cloudberries aren't easily accessible when you want to pick some. They like moist fields and thrive in mosses and marshes.

This means there are no machines that can pick them, so the berries are picked by hand.

This makes cloudberry an expensive natural resource which in turn makes for a hefty premium when you buy products with the real deal.

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