Beets For A Healthier Lifestyle

Beets are a species in the amaranth plants family. It grows both wild and can be cultivated.

Some are familiar with the many health benefits of beetroot. But fewer know the other beets, which are also good and useful.

All beets have low calorie content so they're far from what we call empty calories!

Health Benefits Beets Can Provide

The most common beet is the beautifully red beetroot, which is loaded with fiber, vitamin C and the substance nitrate.

According to several studies, nitrate has been shown to lower blood pressure, and oxygenate muscles and the brain, which can increase endurance in both physical and mental exercise.

Other varieties of beets are the yellow beet, polka beet and white beet.

They do not contain as much antioxidants as their red relative. But they have many other benefits and they taste a little sweeter.

Beets contain alkaloids and folic acid that lower the body's homocysteine level, which regulates how easily blood coagulates. A low homocysteine level reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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