Currants for a Healthier Lifestyle

Some fresh red currants
The red currant is a favorite. We usually mix black and red one's.

Currants, especially the black variety, are among the most nutritious berries on the planet.

The most common varieties of currants are black, red, and white ones.

First we'll briefly introduce you to what these super berries can do for you.

After that you find a list of our articles about them.

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Why We Call Currants Super Berries

Currants contain a lot of nutrients, like antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

They are well known for their high content of vitamin C and E, but they also contain minerals like potassium and calcium that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The berries have small kernels that contain linolenic acid that can lower blood lipids.

All this combined makes these berries what we call super berries!

Even The Coloring Of Currants Can Provide Valuable Benefits

The black currant's actual color ranges from dark purple, dark red to the deepest black.

The colorant comes from the antioxidants anthocyanin and carotene.

Both of which are nutrients you need for a healthier lifestyle.

The Flavors Differ Some Between The Currants

The tart flavor of red currants is slightly greater than its black currant relative, but with the same approximate sweetness.

The white currant is a variant of the red currant. It has the same tart flavor but is a lot sweeter than its closest cousin.

What Currants Are Used For

Currants are perfect for eating directly from the bush.

Our children often love to stand by the bush in our garden and eat the sun-warmed berries in the summer.

They taste sweet, maybe a little bit sour or tart.

If you don't eat the currants straight away, it's a good idea to make jam, pie, marmalade, jelly, or juice from them.

You can also make tea from both the berries and the leaves.

How Do Currants Differ From Other Berries?

The three different varieties of currants taste slightly different and have slightly different nutrients.

The black currant is one of all berries that contain the highest concentration of vitamin C.

All Our Articles About Currants

Below you'll find all our articles about Currants.

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What Are Currants And Why Are They Good For You?

We go through what currants are and why currants are good for you.

There are different varieties, but one of them, Black Currant, is absolutely amazing!

Find out all about the three most common varieties in Currants: What They Are And Why Currants Are Good For You!

What Does Blackcurrant Taste Like?

Have you ever tried black currants?

Blackcurrants can provide you with amazing health benefits but what's even better is their unique taste!

They are banned in many states in the US.

You can read What Blackcurrant Tastes Like [+ Benefits] where we will try to explain how they really taste.

Is Blackcurrant Juice Good For You?


Blackcurrant juice can and will enhance your concentration, reduce your stress levels, and improve your mood.

We give you 2 easy recipes so you can make your own blackcurrant juice today! Check it out Is Blackcurrant Juice Good For You? [With 2 Easy Recipes]

Benefits Of Black Currants

Black currants are one of those real super berries. Blackcurrant is among the berries that contain most vitamin C.

We have listed the top 6 most important health benefits you can receive from eating black currants.

You will find the list in Top 6 Black Currant Benefits & The Healthiest Variety Of All

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