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Gooseberries for a Healthier Lifestyle

Ribe's uva-crispa or as both the bush and the berries are more commonly called: Gooseberries is a delicious berry that you can grow easily in your backyard.

The gooseberry bush is a thorny bush that produces edible, absolutely delicious berries packed with health benefits!

Still Not Known As A Super Berry

Gooseberry hasn’t been classified as a “Super Berry”, like many other berries. When a berry gets labeled as a "Super Berry" it usually gets a lot of attention.

We think that gooseberries haven't received the attention they truly deserve.

This might have something to do with the ban that US lay on the berry in the late 19th century. The ban came to be because of a disease it spread.

The Health Benefits Gooseberries Can Provide

Gooseberries are quite nutritional berries packed with health benefits.

For example, gooseberries contain high levels of a very useful antioxidant called quercetin.

Quercetin contains antihistamines that's been shown to lessen the symptoms of light allergies. This means that gooseberries might give a natural help against allergies.

Gooseberries also contain lots of vitamins and minerals, like magnesium and potassium.

How Gooseberries Differ From Other Berries

One thing that differs gooseberries from other berries is that you grow the bush exclusively for its edible berries, meanwhile the bush is relatively difficult to pick.

You can scratch yourself easily on the razor-sharp thorns and you have to pick the berries one by one.

It's also different from most berries because of its high content of quercetin.

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The wonderful benefits gooseberries can provide

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