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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

Thank you for your visit!
Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

Thank you for your visit!

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99 Listed Foods In The Category Alcoholic Beverages

An alcoholic beverage is a drink that contains ethanol. The only type of alcohol that humans can drink is ethanol. Ethanol in beverages is classified as a recreational drug. Ethanol is a type of alcohol produced by fermentation of grains, fruits, or other sources of sugar.

Alcohol is one of the most widely used recreational drugs in the world. Alcohol is both a chemical and a psychoactive drug.

There are many different kinds of alcoholic drinks, and some of them contain more alcohol than others.

There are two categories of alcoholic beverages: distilled and undistilled.

Undistilled drinks are also called fermented drinks.

Examples of common undistilled drinks:

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Cider

Distillation is a process which follows fermentation. The process converts a fermented substance into one with an even higher concentration of alcohol.

Examples of common distilled drinks:

  • Gin
  • Brandy
  • Whiskey

Drinks In Alcoholic Beverages Listed In 92 Groups

The table below shows all of the 99 foods grouped in food types. The number in parantheses shows the number of foods within that food type.

Click on a food type to show the different foods.

You can find out what nutrients there are in each food by clicking on it. For every food we also show how many nutrients we have a measurement for.

Alcoholic Malt Beverage (3)
Alexander (1)
Bacardi Cocktail (1)
Beer (5)
Black Russian (1)
Bloody Mary (1)
Brandy (1)
Brandy & Cola (1)
Canadian Club & Soda (1)
Cape Cod (1)
Champagne Punch (1)
Cocktail (1)
Cordial Or Liqueur (2)
Daiquiri (1)
Eggnog (1)
Frozen Daiquiri (1)
Frozen Margarita (1)
Fruit Punch (1)
Fuzzy Navel (1)
Gelatin Shot (1)
Gimlet (1)
Gin (1)


Gin & Tonic (1)
Gin Fizz (1)
Gin Rickey (1)
Glug (1)
Golden Cadillac (1)
Grasshopper (1)
Greyhound (1)
Hard Cider (1)
High Ball (1)
Hot Buttered Rum (1)
Irish Coffee (1)
Jagerbomb (1)
Kamikaze (1)
Liqueur With Cream (1)
Long Island Iced Tea (1)
Mai Tai (1)
Manhattan (1)
Margarita (1)
Martini (2)
Mimosa (1)
Mint Julep (1)
Mojito (1)
Old Fashioned (1)
Orange Blossom (1)
Pina Colada (1)
Red Sangria (1)
Red Table Wine (1)
Rice Wine (1)
Rob Roy (1)
Rose Table Wine (1)
Rum (1)


Rum & Cola (1)
Rum & Diet Cola (1)
Rum Cooler (1)
Rusty Nail (1)
Salty Dog (1)
Scotch (1)
Screwdriver (1)
Seabreeze (1)
Seven & Seven (1)
Singapore Sling (1)
Sloe Gin Fizz (1)
Stinger (1)
Sweet Dessert Wine (1)
Tequila (1)
Tequila Sunrise (1)
Tom Collins (1)
Vodka (1)
Vodka & Cola (1)
Vodka & Diet Cola (1)
Vodka & Energy Drink (1)
Vodka & Lemonade (1)
Vodka & Soda (1)
Vodka & Tonic (1)
Vodka & Water (1)
Whiskey (1)
Whiskey & Cola (1)
Whiskey & Diet Cola (1)
Whiskey & Ginger Ale (1)
Whiskey & Soda (1)
Whiskey & Water (1)
Whiskey Sour (1)
White Russian (1)
White Sangria (1)
White Table Wine (1)
Wine (1)
Wine Cooler (1)
Wine Spritzer (1)
Zombie (1)

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