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Elderberries (What & Where To Buy) - Top Recommendations

Elderberries (What & Where To Buy) - Top Recommendations

Below you'll find all our top recommendations when searching for products made from, or the elderberries themselves.

We go through what products we recommend, why we recommend them and also provide you links to where you can purchase them.

Some products, like the elderberry syrup, are so popular that we also recommend an alternative brand if the one we've picked as our top recommendation is out of stock.

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Where To Buy Elderberry Syrup

Gaia Herbs Black Elderberry Syrup - Daily Immune Support with Antioxidants, Organic Sambucus Elderberry Supplement, 5.4 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
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Elderberry syrup has been used for centuries to cure and treat a variety of illnesses and disorders. When it comes to alleviating symptoms from cold, flu and upper respiratory issues, elderberry syrup is both popular and as research shows quite effective.

There are positive results from research made on the health benefits of elderberry syrup.

Black elderberries contain supportive agents against common cold and influenza.

We recommend this brand of elderberry syrup #ad because it contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and is gluten free, and kosher certified.

It's a sugar free elderberry syrup that is made from the European black elder, Sambucus nigra.

Alternative brand for our top recommended Elderberry Syrup

Nature’s Way Sambucus Original Elderberry Syrup, Black Elderberry Extract, Traditional Immune Support*, Delicious Berry Flavor, 8 Fl Oz.
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Elderberry syrup is a very popular product that often sells out.

That's why we provide you with an alternative brand #ad to the syrup we recommend above.

There are really no big differences between the different varieties.

It's more a question of liking and taste, what you prefer.

Where To Buy A DIY Elderberry Syrup Making Kit

DIY Gift Kits Organic Elderberry Syrup Kit, Honey and Recipe Pack Makes 25  Servings
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If you want to make your own elderberry syrup, there are kits to buy #adthat'll make it easier for you.

You'll have control over what goes in your syrup and can be sure that there are no additives and fillers.

It can also be a cool and maybe unusual, but appreciated gift to a dear friend.

Maybe to someone who is struggling with a lengthy cold?

Just be sure to follow the instructions and enjoy!

Where To Buy Elderberry Gummies

Boost Premium Elderberry Gummies with Zinc (60ct) | Zinc & Vitamin C Elderberry Gummies for Adults | Non-GMO, Vegan Sambucus Black Elderberry Gummy Vitamins
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If you are interested in elderberry syrup but want to make it easy and a bit fun for you or your children, you can instead buy some elderberry gummies.

It's very easy to take the right amount and they have the advantage of better taste compared to the real syrup.

Children often love these little bits, so be aware that they don't eat them like candy.

You should never over consume any herbal supplements.

We've chosen elderberry gummies #ad that really look like candy. Be aware that they do contain raw cane sugar, and sugar is seldom good for you.

But if the sweetness is what it takes to get the benefits of the elderberries then we believe it's ok in limited amounts.

But they are made entirely non-GMO, gluten free, using organic tapioca syrup, and only with natural flavors. They are also gelatin free.

They also taste amazing!

Where To Buy Dried Elderberries

USDA Organic Dried Elderberries - 1lb Bulk - All Natural, Chemical-Free, Non-gmo, Whole Black Elderberry Immune System Support Booster For Making Elder Syrup, Gummies, Tea - Raw Vegan Sambucus Nigra
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Dried elderberries #ad are a great immune booster that should have a place in your pantry. But they should not be consumed as they are!

They need to be prepared and cooked for at least 15 minutes.

With dried elderberries in your pantry you're always ready to make your own elderberry syrup, gummies, jelly or tea when that nasty cold might be approaching.

Please take care to not eat elderberries or products made from elderberries regularly/every day.

These elderberries come from Europe and are whole dried Sambucus nigra.

Where To Buy Elderflower Juice

Belvoir Fruit Farm Elderflower Cordial, 500ml
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It's not so easy to come by fresh elderflower.

The season is quite short so the chances are that when you start craving for that beautiful, fresh, summer tasting beverage it’s the wrong season.

But there is hope!

You can buy this great elderflower cordial #ad that you just dilute with water and voila!

You got yourself a sweet, fresh, floraly tasty glass of elderflower juice!

Where To Buy Elderberry Juice

Elderberry Juice Concentrate 12.5 fl. oz.
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Elderberry juice and elderberry syrup is quite similar.

The difference is that the juice is more diluted and therefore easier to drink. Syrup is something you take for medicinal reasons.

Elderberry juice is often mixed with other fruits. For instance, apples.

There’s different reasons for that but mainly because it changes the flavor in different ways but also because of economics.

It’s more economical to dilute the elderberry juice with cheaper fruits

We recommend you make sure you get the juice with the most elderberries #ad

You can always dilute it further if you wish.

Where To Buy A Strainer Perfect For Berries And Fruits

New Star Foodservice 42566 3-Piece Stainless Steel China Cap Strainer Set
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To make a super easy elderberry juice you can cook fresh or dried elderberries and then strain it.

A really good type of strainer #ad for straining the seeds and the rest of the elderberries you don’t want in your use is this one.

You can of course use it as a regular strainer but when it comes to getting all the juices out of for instance berries it’s hard to find a better one.

Where To Buy Elderberry Preserves

Mrs. Miller's Amish Homemade Elderberry Preserves 8 Oz. - Pack of 2 (Boxed)
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Elderberry preserve on a piece of toast or on your cheese tray will put a smile on anyone's lips.

The preserve made from elderberry has such a strong beautiful taste.

This Mrs. Miller's elderberry preserve #ad comes from a well known brand and you get two jars to enjoy!

Elderberry preserve can also have other fruits mixed in it, just like elderberry juice.

Many lighten up the taste by adding for instance, apples or pears.

Where To Buy Elderberry tea

Organic Elderberry Tea - Kosher, Caffeine-Free, GMO-Free - 18 Bleach-Tea Bags
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When it comes to buying elderberry tea we recommend you buy it instead of making it yourself.

You can make the tea yourself from your own picked elderberries or even dried elderberries, but then you have to make sure you process the berries correctly before using them.

That involves boiling them in advance.

Use only ripe berries and make sure you don't get any seeds in the tea.

It can be quite tricky and, in our opinion, takes just too much time for a cup of tea that tastes just as good as the one you can buy.

So I recommend you instead buy this organic caffeine free elderberry tea #ad and focus on the flavor instead of the work.

Where To Buy Elderberry Flower Tea

REPUBLIC OF TEA Organic Elderflower Superherb, 36 Count
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If you instead want something quite unique in taste that greatly differs from the berries you should choose a tea made from the elderflowers #ad

It doesn't taste anything like the elderberry tea.

The elderflower tea has a sweet, floral taste, while the berry tea has a more sweet, tart taste.

Making elderberry flower tea is much easier than a tea made from elderberries. Just make sure to use the flowers from the true elder.

We mostly buy our elderberry flower tea as the season for the flowers is quite short and we believe the flowers are best used to make juice out of.

Please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions or comments about our recommendations.

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