Elderberries For A Healthier Lifestyle

Elderberries have been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. From treating infections, coughs to healing of injuries.

In ancient times having an elder was considered to ensure that the good house spirits would stay on the farm.

A Danish saying goes: "Hvor hylden ej vil gro, kan mennesket ikke bo" – which translates to "Where the elder doesn't grow, no man can live".

What Elder Or Sambucus Is

Elder is a beautiful bush that decorates many gardens. It’s a bush that, if left to grow freely, grows to about 8 meters (26 feet) high.

It has white flowers and deep purple, almost black berries.

Sambucus is the genus of Elder. Genus is the taxonomic rank used in the biological classification system.

There are 26 different varieties of the sambucus species. They all go under the common name elder or elderberries.

What You Can Use Elder For

Elderberries are used in many supplements because of its healthy powers. You can buy tablets, concentrate or syrup that is marketed as supportive to your immune system.

There's been extensive research done on elderberries and the supplements but the research is insufficient to know its effectiveness for regular, everyday use.

Elderberries do display some remarkable powers when used to combat for instance, the flu.

With that said, the recommendation is that it should only be used for short periods of time (5 days max) and not regularly.

It’s common to make juice, syrup or jam of the elderberries.

You can also make juice of the elders flowers. The juice of the elderflowers can be used to add flavor for example to ice cream, pies, mousse and a lot of other different foods.

How Elderberries Differ From Other Berries

Elderberries differ a lot from other berries. The biggest difference is that the elderberries are toxic but are edible in certain forms.

You shouldn't eat them raw! But if you cook them they are assumed to be safe to eat.

The other difference is that the flowers on the true elderberry bush are edible.

You can make a juice of the flowers but you can also eat them.

Fried elder flowers is, by many, considered a delicacy.

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