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Juniper-berries (What & Where To Buy) - Top Recommendations

Juniper-berries (What & Where To Buy) - Top Recommendations

Below you'll find all our top recommendations when searching for products made from juniper, or the juniper berries themselves!

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Where To Buy Whole Dried Juniper Berries

Burma Spice Juniper Berries, Gourmet Dried Juniper Berries for Cooking or Mixed Drinks, Aromatic Woody Flavor, Allergen Tested and Vegan, Juniper Bitters for Cocktails, Airtight Seal for Freshness
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Juniper berries are commonly used as spice, both fresh or dried ones.

For instance, juniper berries are especially suitable for spice to foods like game or lamb.

It also goes well in sauces and marinade.

We recommend these dried juniper berries #ad that've been harvested and dried in just the right conditions to keep all the nutrients and the aromatic flavor.

We also love the fact that it doesn't have any additives of any kind. It's just 100% pure dried juniper berries.

Where To Buy Juniper Berry Powder

Best Botanicals Juniper Berry Powder 16 oz.
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We love berries in powder form as they give you so many different options when it comes to how you want to eat it.

You can find some amazing combinations with experimenting with it in different foods, desserts or anything that you usually eat.

This juniper berry powder #ad comes straight from nature with 100% pure juniper berries ground without any additives or preservatives.

And the best of all is they use a production process that protects the naturally occuring enzymes in the berries.

So not only do you get the amazing flavors but also much of the benefits juniper berries can provide.

Where To Buy Juniper Berry Tea

Buddha Teas Organic Juniper Berry Tea | 18 Bleach-Free Tea Bags | Antioxidants | Made in the USA | Caffeine-Free | No GMOs
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Juniper berries are also used to make beverages, for example tea.

Juniper berry tea may be antimicrobial and have a diuretic effect.

Juniper berries have also been used as a folk remedy for cough and congestion.

We recommend this juniper berry tea #ad as it's organic and without additives.

Just add hot water and you're good to go!

Where To Buy DIY – Make Your Own Homemade Gin

Just Spices Homemade Gin Kit | Create Your Own Gin With 10 Different Botanicals and Spices | 3 Recipes Included | Fun DIY Alcohol Infusion Gift for Men
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Juniper Berries is the ingredient that gives Gin its flavor.

We usually don't want to promote anything related to alcohol as it's far from healthy but we make an exception with this one.

We want to promote the power of making a choice, that you choose to take control of what you eat or drink by making it yourself #ad

These can also make a great gift to someone who loves bar crafting!

Where To Buy Juniper Berries Essential Oil

Juniper Berry Essential Oil - 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Juniper Berry Oil - 10ml
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Essential oils made from Juniper berries has been used for both medicinal and spiritual purposes since ancient times.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil #ad smells crisp, woody, sweet and earthy, with an almost hidden fruity note.

The oil is believed to cleanse and purify the air.

If nothing else it's just a really nice scent.

Where To Buy Gloves For Picking Juniper Berries

OZERO Flex Grip Leather Working Gloves Stretchable Wrist Tough Cowhide Work Glove 3 Pairs (Gold, Medium)
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The needles of the juniper are really sharp! Picking juniper berries without gloves is unpleasant and quite ineffective as you focus more on not getting scratched than actually picking the berries.

In our experience the best gloves to have are all leather work gloves without any textile sections as the needles always seem to somehow find the more unprotected sections!

Here's an example of work gloves that are all leather #ad that we think are perfectly suited for picking juniper berries as well as other berries that have similar defenses.

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