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What Is cis-Lycopene?

cis-Lycopene is a non-provitamin A vitamin with the same structure and health benefits as lycopene. cis-Lycopene and lycopene are great nutrients in especially tomatoes with a unique ability. When being processed they actually enhance the health benefits of the tomatoes.

The cis-Lycopene isomers have shown to be even more bioavailable for us when red tomato sauce has been extensively heated.

cis-Isomer Of Lycopene

cis-Lycopene is the cis-isomer of lycopene. It is a dominant carotenoid in tomatoes and tomato-based foods. (source 🗗)

Bioavalibility Of cis-Lycopene

There is a hypothesis that cis-isomers of lycopene are more bioavailable than all-trans-lycopene. But this has yet only been shown in animal studies, not human. (source 🗗)

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