What Is cis-Lycopene & What Foods Can I Find It In?

cis-Lycopene is a non-provitamin A vitamin with the same structure and health benefits as lycopene.

cis-Lycopene is a bioactive and safe pigment found in tomatoes and other foods, that are belived to possess many benefits.

When tomatoes are being processed the health benefits of cis-Lycopene are actually enhanced.

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cis-Isomer Of Lycopene

cis-Lycopene is the cis-isomer of lycopene.

It is a dominant carotenoid in tomatoes and tomato-based foods. (source )

cis-Lycopene isomer is present in most of the plant foods.

The cis-Lycopene isomers have been shown to be even more bioavailable to us when red tomato sauce has been extensively heated.

Bioavalibility Of cis-Lycopene

There is a hypothesis that cis-isomers of lycopene are more bioavailable than all-trans-lycopene.

But this has yet only been shown in animal studies, not humans. (source )

In addition to the nutritional significance of lycopene, it has been reported to possess significant therapeutic properties.

cis-Lycopene In Foods

cis-Lycopene is the only carotenoid that is present in both green and red fruits and vegetables.

It is also found in some of the highest-antioxidant fruits and vegetables.

Some of the fruits you can find it in:

Benefits Of Lycopene

Several studies have shown that lycopene has been shown to be able to reduce the risk of heart diseases, including coronary heart diseases. But also enhance the immune system.

The health benefits of lycopene come from its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Benefits of cis-Lycopene are due to greater stability of this form.

Research on cis-lycopene is still being done, but it has been shown promising results to be able to prevent the spread of cancer cells.

It is thought to prevent the formation of cancer cells by inhibiting the growth of DNA in the cell nucleus.

Foods You Can Find cis-Lycopene In

You find cis-Lycopene mostly in vegetable products.

Examples of food sources include

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