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What Is Copper?

Copper is a trace mineral, essential for important biochemical functions and necessary for maintaining health throughout our life.

Copper is an element that shouldn't be under-or over-consumed. Under consuming can lead to deficiency, and over-consuming can be toxic.

Copper Is Essential

Copper is an essential trace element. Copper is third in abundance in the human body after iron and zinc. The adult human body contains between 50-150 mg of copper. (source đź——)

Clinically defined copper deficiency in humans is rare. (source đź——)

Copper In Food

The highest contents of copper in foods are in organ meats, seafood, nuts, and seeds. Other good sources of copper are whole bran cereals and whole-grain products. (source đź——)

Copper Can Become Toxic

But even though copper is an essential micronutrient copper is toxic at high levels. Luckily copper toxicity from consuming too much from dietary sources is generally not considered a widespread health concern. But fatalities from acute copper sulfate poisoning have been reported. (source đź——)

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