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Recommended By Care Omnia Lingonberries (What & Where To Buy)

Lingonberries (What & Where To Buy) - Top Recommendations

Below you'll find all our top recommendations when searching for products made from, or the lingonberries themselves!

We go through what products we recommend, why we recommend them and also provide you links to where you can purchase them.

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Recommended Lingonberry Jams and Preserves

Lingonberry jam is traditionally prepared with lingonberries mixed with sugar and sometimes a little water. That is really the only ingredients you need to make a lingonberry jam.

But the lingonberry jam that you can buy contains almost always other things like lots of water, thickener, preservative and citric acid.

Addition of preservatives is usually unnecessary as lingonberries naturally contains benzoic acid that has a preservative effect.

What we look for in a Jam or Preserve

When selecting a jam or a preservative we want it to be as natural as possible. We don’t want any extra additives that we think is unnecessary.

We also look after the ones that has a low sugar content, because we think the berries themselves should be the main attraction, not the sugar.

Recommended Traditional Lingonberry Jam

Swedish Lingonberry Preserves by Felix 14.5 ounce (Pack of 2)
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This jam fits the bill perfectly! If you want lingonberry jam, this is the way to go #ad

The jam is a bit sweet, but still has that tartness that the lingonberries give.

It goes great with both desserts and proper meals.

Why we think you should buy it

These jams sugar content is a bit high, but bought jam always contain sugar, for preservation reasons.

But there are other brands that have much more sugar in them! Less sugar equals more of that lingonberry taste!

Recommended Raw-stirred Lingonberry Jam

Felix Rarorda Lingon Lingonberry Jam 410g
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In Scandinavia and especially Sweden we have a special relationship to lingonberries.

We love them and think that you can have them to almost everything.

There is an old recipe on raw-stirred lingonberry jam #ad that we still make and love!

The raw-stirred lingonberry jam is prepared with fresh lingonberries just by mixing berries and sugar together, without boiling.

This has its advantages; if the lingonberries haven’t been cooked during processing it means that all the nutrients you find in fresh lingonberries are still there.

Why we think you should buy it

This raw-stirred jam is the one jam that we always have in our refrigerator. It’s just so good. We have it to meatballs, Swedish cheesecake or in smoothies (if we've run out of fresh berries).

It does contain sugar, but when it comes to raw-stirred the sugar is the only ingredient added.

Recommended Lingonberry Preservatives

Hafi Lingonberry Preserves 14.1 oz
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Lingonberry preserves are very popular and people have it on their toast, on their oatmeal for breakfast or with dinner.

The natural tartness of lingonberry helps to counteract the sweetness from the added sugar.

This lingonberry preserve #ad is made exactly as it should be and it tastes just as it should!

Why we think you should buy it

Lingonberry preserves are not too tart, but still not to sweet either.

There's a good mix of the two.

They taste fantastic and are used for the more festive occasions when simple jam just won't do!

Recommended Lingonberry Sauce

D'arbo Lingonberries In Jars, 14.1 Ounces
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There are occasions where you want more of the lingonberry taste and less of the sweetness from the sugar that's added to lingonberry jams/preserves.

That's where a quality lingonberry sauce comes in handy.

This lingonberry sauce #ad has the tartness from real wild lingonberries with just the right level of sweetness.

Because of it's unique and tangy taste lingonberry sauce is even better with foods that in themselves have a lot of taste. For instance with game meat or lamb.

But many use it with pancakes, crepes, chicken and even on toast.

Recommended Frozen Lingonberries

Our first recommendation is always to make your jam yourself. We also recommend to eat the berries as they are.

One reason to this is that we think that’s the best way to get all the nutrients from the berries. If the berries are heated there is a risk that they lose some or all of the nutrients that the fresh berries contain.

If you don’t have the opportunity to pick berries yourself, then frozen berries is a good alternative.

What we look for in frozen berries

The berries should not be prepared in any way before being frozen. They shouldn't have any added sugar.

When we look for frozen berries, we only buy those that have been frozen directly after picking.

Recommended Frozen Lingonberries

Fresh Frozen Wild Lingonberries by Northwest Wild Foods - Healthy Antioxidant Fruit Diet - for Smoothies, Pies, Jams, Syrups (4.5 Pounds)
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There are actually frozen berries to buy online.

These frozen lingonberries #ad will arrive in a frozen state to your door.

Why we think you should buy it

These frozen lingonberries because they are as fresh as they can be. They are frozen directly after picking without any additives, not even sugar!

If you absolutely want sugar on you berries for some reason, it's better if you add it yourself.

Recommended Dried Lingonberries

Dried lingonberries is a perfect healthy snack. When a berry has been dried it means that much of the water content has been removed from the berry, either naturally, through sun drying, or using specialized dryers or dehydrators.

Dried lingonberries are prized because of their sweet taste, nutritive value, and long shelf life.

What we look for in dried lingonberries

When it comes to dried berries we always look for products that are 100% berries.

Many berries are infused with a sweetener prior to drying.

Sweeteners of any kind are something that we really want to avoid.

Recommended Dried Lingonberries

Dried Wild Lingonberries - Northwest Wild Foods - Healthy Antioxidants Fruit - for Granola, Morning Snack, Baking, Trail Mix (8 oz)
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These dried lingonberries #ad are 100% all lingonberries.

They are absolutely delicious and perfect to eat as they are!

Try them in a salad and be amazed!

Why we think you should by it

These dried lingonberries are carefully and naturally dried without any additives. No added sugars or oils.

They have an excellent flavor that's a bit sour yet a bit sweet at the same time.

They are not so hard, so they are easy to chew if you like to eat them just as they are.

Dried lingonberries are similar to dried cranberries but are smaller in size. Dried lingonberries is a perfect alternative in any recipe that calls for dried cranberries.

Recommended Lingonberry Powder

Lingonberry powder is made of wild, fresh lingonberries that have been dried and ground to a powder.

The lingonberries are picked by hand and then the whole berries are dried quickly after harvest.

You dry the whole berry because you want to preserve all the nutrients that you find in the lingonberry. After you've carefully dried the berries you grind it into a fine powder.

Since the lingonberries in the powder haven't cooked or heat-processed in any way it means that all nutrients that you find in fresh lingonberries are also present in the powder.

What we look for in lingonberry powder

We always look at the list of ingredients, before we buy any food but especially when considering lingonberry powder.

There shouldn't be any additives.

The powder must be made of 100% lingonberries.

We are also meticulous that the berries haven't been heat-processed in any way.

Recommended Lingonberry Powder

LOOV Organic Wild Lingonberry Powder, Made from 100% Whole Organic Freeze Dried Lingonberries, Wild-Crafted from Northern European Forests, 4 Ounces, 22-Day Supply, Raw, No Added Sugar
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Lingonberry powder from 100% natural lingonberries has a beautiful red color that really can spice up your food.

The powder is for instance perfect to have in a smoothie.

This lingonberry powder #ad has the same beautiful and delicious taste as fresh lingonberries.

It’s a strong, sharp and fresh taste. A bit tart and sweet at the same time.

Why we think you should buy it

There are several brands of lingonberry powder to choose from.

The ones we recommend have no added coloring or preservatives and no added sugars.

Recommended Lingonberry Juice

Lingonberry juice is a delicious alternative to go with your food. It's usually not too sweet or too sour but has an acidity that fits well with almost every dish.

Lingonberry juice is made mainly from lingonberries.

The durability of lingonberry drink is not dependent on preservatives as might be the case with beverage made from other berries, since lingonberry contains benzoic acid.

What we look for in lingonberry juice

When choosing our lingonberry juice, we look for a concentrate. The concentrate lasts longer as you can vary the amount of water you dilute the syrup with.

Some in our family likes it strong and others a bit less "lingonberry".

Recommended Lingonberry Juice

IKEA Dryck Lingon - Sweet Swedish Lingonberry Fruit Juice Drink Concentrate 16.9 oz - Best For Mixing With Water, 2 Pack
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We recommend this lingonberry juice #ad as it's the one we use at home.

It tastes fantastic. You can really taste the lingonberries.

It has a little tart taste that goes well with food.

This is one of the few IKEA products that won't be complicated to use or "assemble". Just add water and it's done!

Why we think you should buy it

This lingonberry juice is the one we use ourselves. It's refreshing during the summer and if you heat it just a bit it'll keep you warm during the winter.

When our children have a sore throat, we usually heat some of this lingonberry juice, just a little, to ease the throat some. They really like the taste also. It works wonders.

Recommended Lingonberry Tool For Picking Your Own!

Lingonberries are handpicked in the wild all over the Northern hemisphere. It’s a tedious work. They are small and you usually pick large amounts when you're out in the woods.

A picking tool was developed in the 18th century in Scandinavia, but didn’t become popular until the late 19th century.

The funny thing is that the berry picking tool they used, is very similar to the ones you can buy today. Today we call it a hand rake.

What we look for in lingonberry tool

Well, it must help with the picking of the berries and it has to be sturdy and light as well. There is only one good design on the market that is worth mentioning. The design that's been used since the 18th century.

We prefer the ones that have metal combs and an ergonomic handle.

Recommended Lingonberry Tool

Berry Picker with Metallic Comb and Ergonomic Handle for Easier Berry Picking Swedish Design by Ivique
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This is the lingonberry tool #ad you want next time you go out picking!

There's over 100 years of experience built into the design.

Using a hand rake is quite fun, especially for children, and it's really effective.

You shouldn't try picking lingonberries without one. Oh and by the way, it works wonders with blueberries (wild ones) and huckleberries as well.

Why we think you should buy it

These ones have all that we require from a quality rake.

They have metal combs, are lightweight and have a ergonomic handle.

Recommended Gift: Lingonberries 3 in 1

Lingonberry 3 Pack
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The perfect gift to someone who’s looking for a taste of wilderness

A pack of three wonderful lingonberry products #ad that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's face.

Inside you’ll find a

  1. Lingonberry Fruit Syrup for that concentrated lingonberry taste that’s unbelievable
  2. Lingonberry preserve for those breakfast toasts
  3. and Lingonberry Fruit Concentrate for both hot and cold drinks

Lingonberries are both delicious and versatile.

It truly has a taste straight from the wild and works wonders with almost any dish.

Recommended Gift: A Lingonberry Adventure In a Box

Hafi Lingonberry Preserves, 14.1 oz Jars in a BlackTie Box (Pack of 2)
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This gift box comes with two lingonberry jams #ad that come straight from the forests of Sweden.

Lingonberry jam works with everything from a piece of toast to Swedish meatballs or your favorite stew.

It’s a gift that we can almost guarantee will be appreciated!

And there’s a bonus as well; it’s delivered in gift-ready packaging which makes it convenient to send it directly to your loved one.

Recommended Gift: Double The Jam, Double The Fun?

IKEA SYLT LINGON & SYLT BLÅBÄR Lingonberry & blueberry jam, organic (Lingonberry & blueberry, Pack of 2, 14 Oz)
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Here you'll get one jar of delicious organic lingonberry jam and one jar of delicious blueberry jam in every pack!

But that’s not all, when you’ve finished the jam, the jars can be used as drinking glasses.

So this jam experience #ad is not only good for your taste buds, it’s also reusable!

Oh, and if you want to give it to a loved one, it’s easy to wrap because of the carton box they arrive in.

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