Lingonberries for a Healthier Lifestyle

A bowl of frozen lingonberries
Frozen lingonberries with some ice cream is delicious

Lingonberries are jam-packed with nutrients!

If there were such a thing as a National Berry the lingonberry would definitely be the National Berry Of Sweden.

We believe it's the most known and used berry in Sweden. Both historically and today.

We've written quite a lot about lingonberries. You can find all our articles below our brief introduction to these amazing berries.

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Lingonberries Are Hard To Cultivate

Lingonberries are also called cowberries or partridgeberries.

Lingonberries grow wild in the Northern hemisphere. Lingonberries are rarely cultivated. But you can find cultivation sites in the Netherlands, and North America, where lingonberries have appreciates for their health effects and good taste.

What You Can Use Lingonberries For

You can eat lingonberries as is. It's a flavorsome berry that has a tart taste. You can cook the berry and add sugar to balance out the tartness.

The Possibilities with Lingonberries are many!

You can, for instance, make jam, juice, raw-stirred, tea, smoothies, and you can dry them.

Lingonberries are packed with health benefits, as berries called "super-berries" usually are.

The berries contain a high level of organic acids, vitamin A, C, and B, and other healthy vitamins and minerals.

Be careful when heating them because the nutrients and their health benefits in lingonberries, as well as in most other berries, are reduced from cooking or heating.

You can also buy lingonberries that have been grind to a powder where all healthy benefits you get from fresh lingonberries are preserved plus all the befits the kernels hide.

Lingonberry powder is actually more potent than the fresh ones!

How Lingonberries Differ From Other Berries

Lingonberries have a lot of the substance tannin.

For instance, lingonberry tea or juice has been used for a long time to counteract urinary tract infections.

It's a super berry, which means that it has a lot to offer in the form of health benefits.

All Our Articles About Lingonberries

Below you'll find all our articles about lingonberries.

Pick one and learn something new!

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