Is Avocado Good For Weight Loss?

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Many believe that avocados can make you gain weight because they are high in fats.

But that is far from true.

Avocado can actually help you lose weight!

Studies have shown that avocados may help you lose weight by keeping you fuller longer.

On the plus side is avocado not only good for weight loss, but they are also rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

Which makes them a great fruit to eat every day.

You Feel Full For Longer On Avocado

The avocado fruit not only contains healthy fats it is also a source of potassium.

Potassium is a vital substance that is good for the heart and muscles, among other things.

About a third of an avocado consists of good and important fat.

It also has a high fiber content. Together, these components can make you feel full for longer.

According to a study published in the Nutrition Journal, eating avocado for lunch can make you stay full for longer.

The participants who ate half a fresh avocado with lunch reported a 40% decreased desire to eat for hours afterward.

So it makes sense to eat some avocado at lunchtime since it will prevent you from feeling hungry for about six hours afterward.

Avocado Are Rich In Fiber

Avocados are an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fiber.

Adding a large avocado to a meal, or dividing it into two meals, is an easy and good way to get an impressive 10 grams of fiber.

Eating foods with fiber can help you to feel fuller and more satisfied.

Healthy eating and weight loss experts generally recommend that people who try to lose weight consume foods with fiber to help them eat less and create the calorie deficit needed for weight loss.

Since avocados are high in calories and fibers, they may provide benefits, if you are trying to lose weight. The fat and fiber can help you to feel full and satisfied.

Avocados Have A Low Carbohydrate Content

With a reduced carbohydrate intake, an avocado can help you stay within your daily carbohydrate limit.

A serving of 100 grams contains 8-9 grams of carbohydrates. 100 grams is about half of a large avocado.

Therefore, half an avocado is an excellent choice, often enjoyed regularly on LCHF and ketogenic diets. Which are diets often used for losing weight.

How Many Calories Does An Avocado Contain?

An avocado contains about 160 calories/100 g. Although avocado is considered to be quite high in calories, it is very filling due to its high fat and fiber content.

Unlike some other foods, avocados are quite difficult to overeat. Unless it is guacamole with chips, which are not good when it comes to weight loss.


Avocado might actually be able to help you lose weight. Of course, your overall diet has an impact on your weight. Adding avocado slices to a burger with french fries or eating guacamole with chips is unlikely to help you lose weight.

However, including avocados as part of a healthy diet can be a great strategy for successful weight loss.

You can use avocados instead of other spreads or toppings that provide less healthy fats, like butter or margarine that may contain saturated fats or trans-fat.

As with everything, as long as you don’t overdo it, you'll be doing your diet a favor by adding avocado to it. Which may show on your waistline!

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