What Is Inositol?

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Inositol is a carbocyclic sugar, that belongs to the vitamin B family.

It is abundant in the brain and other tissues.

It is a sugar alcohol that has about half the sweetness of sucrose.

Our bodies synthesize inositol from glucose.

Inositol is not essential for us. Our body can synthesize just as much as it needs.

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Inositol is a collection of nine different stereoisomers.

But the name is usually used to describe only the most common type of inositol, Myo-inositol. (source )

Myo-Inositol has structural similarities to glucose. (source )

Inositol Is A Pseudovitamin

Even though inositol presence is vital in the body.

It is considered only as a pseudovitamin.

It does not qualify to be an essential vitamin because deficiency of inositol is not known to relate to any diseases. (source )

Inositol In Food

Fresh fruits, vegetables, and seeds contain great amounts of inositol.

An especially high content of inositol is found in almonds, walnuts, and Brazil nuts, beans and peas, cantaloupe, and citrus fruits. (source )

Benefits Of Inositol

Inositol is believed to be beneficial for multiple health problems, including cardiovascular diseases, immune disorders, and some cancers.

Uses Of Inositol

Inositol is widely used in health food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other industries.

Inositol in the food industry

Inositol is used in the food industry as a natural sweetener, and is added to sugar and other sweeteners to enhance their effectiveness and prolong the sweetness of the food.

Inositol in the pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, inositol is used as a vitamin supplement and is added to other vitamins and medications to enhance their biological effectiveness and improve the absorption of vitamins.

Other Uses of inositol

Inositol is also used in the cosmetics industry as a moisturizer and is added to hair and skin care products to promote soft, shiny hair and smooth, healthy skin.

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