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What Is Lactose? Is It Good For Everyone?

Lactose is sometimes referred to as milk sugar. Because it's a natural component in milk. Nutritionally, milk and dairy products are an important source of energy, proteins, fats, and nutrients like calcium and vitamin D. Lactose is particularly an important part of the energy supply for infants.

With age, some children lose their ability to digest large amounts of lactose. This can lead to lactose intolerance.

Lactose, A Compound In Milk

Lactose is a disaccharide consisting of glucose and galactose, sometimes called milk sugar. Lactose is a natural component in all kinds of human and animal milk. (source đź——)

Lactose constitutes a majority of the carbohydrate content of human and cow's milk and is an important part of the energy supply for infants in particular.

Milk and milk products contribute 73% of the calcium to the US food. (source đź——)

If you are interested in a list of foods where you can find this nutrient. Go to our nutrition tool and check out lactose.

Lactose Intolerance

With age, many children lose their ability to digest large amounts of lactose, leading to lactose intolerance. This permanent condition, which occurs in adolescence and adulthood, is not an important health concern, even though milk and milk products are important foods. (source đź——)

High incidences of lactose intolerance are found throughout East Asia and Southeast Asia and among Australian aborigines and Native Americans. Lactose intolerance is most common in regions of the world where adults do not drink milk.

New research shows that people genetically intolerant to lactose, have lower blood levels of vitamin D than the general population. (source đź——)

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