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Explore All Fast Foods In Our Nutrition Tool - Care Omnia Nutrition

Intake of fast food is increasing all over the world. Fast food is mass-produced food designed for commercial resale with focus on speed. Fast food is often highly processed and prepared in an industrial fashion.

Fast food is typically loaded with calories, sodium, and unhealthy fat. It’s also often low in nutrients and almost totally lacking in fruits, vegetables, and fiber.

Search for Fast Foods in our Nutrition Tool

With the search bar below you're able to limit your search to foods found only in the category Fast Foods instead of searching through all foods.

One Fast Foods That Rank Top Three For Any Nutrient Compared to All Foods

This table shows all of the foods in the food category fast foods that rank top 3 for any nutrient when compared to all foods in our Nutrition Tool.

You can click on a food name for a nutritional profile of that food or a nutrient to explore other foods with that nutrient.

KFC Fried ChickenNutrientRank
(Original Recipe, Wing, Skin & Breading Removed, Meat Only)
fig 1. List of fast foods that rank top 3 for any nutrient compared to all foods in our Nutrition Tool

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