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One Food With trans-Lycopene - Care Omnia Nutrition

Image of Raw Egg Yolk (Fresh) that contains trans-lycopene
Egg Yolk contains trans-lycopene

trans-Lycopene is the trans-isomer of the very beneficial nutrient Lycopene.

This makes if comparable to Lycopene in regard to the benefits it can provide.

trans-Lycopene is one of the predominant carotenoids in tomatoes.

We have a very limited number of foods in our tool that have a measurement for trans-Lycopene. We're hoping to remedy this in future updates.

But we do however have a lot of foods with Lycopene if you're interested.

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Then we recommend you check out our article named What Is trans-Lycopene?

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One Food With trans-Lycopene

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RankFoods with trans-Lycopeneper 100gper Oz
12 µg0.6 µg
fig 1. One Food with trans-lycopene.

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