What Is Lauroleic Acid (12:1) & What Foods Can I Find It In?

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Explore the mysteries of Lauroleic acid (12:1), also recognized as 9-dodecenoic acid.

This medium-chain fatty acid, boasting a 12-carbon backbone and a single double bond, is a rare gem in the realm of fatty acids.

Uncommon Monounsaturation

Lauroleic acid stands out as an uncommon monounsaturated fatty acid, with potential benefits yet to be fully uncovered.

However, it is reassuring that this fatty acid is not known to cause any adverse side effects and may even possess anti-inflammatory properties.

From Dairy Delights

Delve into the heart of lauroleic acid in its natural habitat—dairy. Particularly abundant in cow's milk, concentrations of this compound in milk fat range from 0.04 to 0.22 mg/g fat.

Notably, towards the end of the cow's lactation, lauroleic acid is no longer detected in the milk.

Versatile Presence

Beyond its natural occurrence, lauroleic acid plays a role as a common food additive. (source )

In Your Culinary Realm

Discover lauroleic acid (12:1) in various dairy and pork products. Feast on the richness of this fatty acid in everyday delights such as

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Revel in the unique essence of lauroleic acid as it graces your culinary endeavors.

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