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10 Foods With Malic Acid - Care Omnia Nutrition

Image of Raw Bananas that contain malic acid
Bananas contain malic acid

Malic acid is a 2-hydroxydicarboxylic acid. It is a conjugate acid of a malate.

Malic acid has a high acidity, and is therefore an important parameter of wine quality.

It also seems to inhibit yeasts, molds and bacteria, probably due to its impact on pH.

You can find malic acid in food sources like:

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Ranked List Of 10 Foods With Malic Acid

Below you'll find a list of the top 10 foods that contain malic acid. It's ranked from the food with the most amount to the food with the least amount.

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10 Foods Ranked 1 - 10 With Malic Acid

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RankFoods with Malic Acidper 100gper Oz
1756 mg214.3 mg
2369 mg104.6 mg
(With Added Ascorbic Acid, Unsweetened)
360 mg102.1 mg
4290 mg82.2 mg
(With Added Ascorbic Acid, Unsweetened, Canned Or Bottled)
228 mg64.6 mg
(Includes From Concentrate)
161 mg45.6 mg
(Includes USDA Food Distr. Program)
160 mg45.4 mg
(With Added Vitamin C, From Concentrate, Shelf Stable)
89.2 mg25.3 mg
(Not From Concentrate, Refrigerated, Not Fortified)
37.4 mg10.6 mg
(With Salt Added)
11.2 mg3.2 mg
fig 1. Foods with malic acid rank 1 to 10

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