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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

Thank you for your visit!
Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

Thank you for your visit!

Ranked List Of 34 Foods With Molybdenum

Below we list 34 foods that contain molybdenum. It's sorted from the food with the most amount to the food with the least amount.

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Foods Ranked 1 - 34 With Molybdenum

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RankFoodper 100gper Oz
1.Dry Brown Beans (0% Moisture)1.2 mg326 µg
2.Dry Carioca Beans (0% Moisture)962 µg272.7 µg
3.Dry Black Beans (0% Moisture)920 µg260.8 µg
4.Dry Small White Beans (0% Moisture)871 µg246.9 µg
5.Dry Navy Beans (0% Moisture)840 µg238.1 µg
6.Dry Tan Beans (0% Moisture)804 µg227.9 µg
7.Dry Cranberry Beans (0% Moisture)672 µg190.5 µg
8.Dry Small Red Beans (0% Moisture)613 µg173.8 µg
9.Dry Pink Beans (0% Moisture)607 µg172.1 µg
10.Dry Dark Red Kidney Beans (0% Moisture)572 µg162.2 µg
11.Dry Great Northern Beans (0% Moisture)557 µg157.9 µg
12.Dry Light Tan Beans (0% Moisture)534 µg151.4 µg
13.Dry Pinto Beans (0% Moisture)515 µg146 µg
14.Dry Red Beans (0% Moisture)488 µg138.3 µg
15.Dry Medium Red Beans (0% Moisture)468 µg132.7 µg
16.Dry Light Red Kidney Beans (0% Moisture)384 µg108.9 µg
17.Dry Flor De Mayo Beans (0% Moisture)340 µg96.4 µg
18.Raw Soy Flour (Full-Fat)314 µg89 µg
19.Soy Flour (Defatted)211 µg59.8 µg
20.Uncooked Spelt91.9 µg26.1 µg
21.Pastry Flour (Unenriched, Unbleached)59.1 µg16.8 µg
22.Whole-Grain Wheat Flour (Includes USDA Food Distr. Program)58.5 µg16.6 µg
23.Unsweetened Soy Milk (With Added Calcium, Vitamins A & D, All Flavors)58.4 µg16.6 µg
24.Brown Rice Flour56.2 µg15.9 µg
25.Fine Semolina Flour47.9 µg13.6 µg
26.White Rice Flour (Unenriched)45.5 µg12.9 µg
27.White Wheat Flour (All-Purpose, Unenriched)42.6 µg12.1 µg
28.Rice Flour (Glutenous)40.7 µg11.5 µg
29.Semolina Flour (Coarse & Semi-coarse)38.3 µg10.9 µg
30.White Wheat Flour (All-Purpose, Enriched, Bleached)37.6 µg10.7 µg
31.White Wheat Flour (Bread, Enriched)36.6 µg10.4 µg
32.00 Flour34.4 µg9.8 µg
33.White Wheat Flour (All-Purpose, Enriched, Unbleached)27.7 µg7.9 µg
34.Yellow Corn Flour (Fine Meal, Enriched)16.4 µg4.6 µg

Figure 1. Foods with molybdenum 1 to 34

Molybdenum Supplements Available Online

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