Saturated Very Long-Chain Fatty Acids: How To Use Them For Your Benefit

Very long-chain saturated fatty acids (VLCFAs) are fatty acids with a chain length of 22 or more carbon atoms. They belong to the saturated fatty acids family.

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Very Long-Chain Fatty Acids Extraction

Very long-chain saturated fatty acids are extracted from natural sources .

But natural sources, such as vegetable oils, the content of very long-chain fatty acids is usually low, and only limited sources are available.

Then very long-chain fatty acids can be synthesized from petrochemical feedstocks.

Benefits Of Very Long-Chain Fatty Acids

Very long-chain fatty acids possess several benefits , like in skin barrier formation, eye health, work anti-inflammatory, maintenance of myelin, sperm development and maturation, and liver homeostasis.

Our Articles About Very Long-Chain Fatty Acids

Below you will find very long-chain saturated fatty acids. You can find out what they are and what they might be able to do for you.

Arachidic acid (20:0) for detergents and lubricants

Arachidic acid might increase levels of LDL cholesterol. Maybe that's why it is mostly used in the industry for the production of detergents and lubricants.

You can find more information about arachidic acid in What Is Arachidic Acid (20:0) & What Foods Can I Find It In?.

Behenic acid (22:0) can raise cholesterol levels

Behenic acid is found in ben oil. You can read more in What Is Behenic Acid (22:0) & What Foods Can I Find It In?

Behenic acid is a relatively uncommon compound with low bioavailability. But still might be able raise your cholesterol levels. Check it out in Behenic Acid (22:0): One Research-Backed Side-Effect .

Tricosanoic acid (23:0) to stimulate hair growth

Tricosanoic acid is found in nature and has shown the potential to stimulate hair growth.

You can find more information about Tricosanoic acid in What Is Tricosanoic Acid (23:0)?

Lignoceric acid (24:0) is synthesized during brain development

Lignoceric acid is found in nature but can also be synthesized in the body during brain development.

You can find more information about lignoceric acid in What Is Lignoceric Acid (24:0) & What Foods Can I Find It In?

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