What Is Behenic Acid (22:0) & What Foods Can I Find It In?

A sandwich with chocolate-flavored hazelnut spread
Hazelnut spread contain behenic acid

Behenic acid, 22:0, is a saturated very long-chain fatty acid that’s not that common.

Behenic acid is present in some oils and oil-bearing plants, like rape-seed.

But as a dietary oil, behenic acid is poorly absorbed.

Despite its low bioavailability, behenic acid still can raise cholesterol levels.

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Uses Of Behenic Acid

Behenic acid is a saturated fatty acid. (source )

Behenic acid can be used as a food additive.

Behenic acid is a major component of ben oil, extracted from the seeds of the moringa tree. Which is used in perfumes and cosmetics. (source )

The chemical industry uses behenic acid in the manufacture of numerous products, including detergents, surfactants, emulsifiers, lubricants, and plasticizers.

Behenic acid is often used to give hair conditioners and moisturizers their smoothing properties.

Behenic Acid Is Poorly Absorbed

Dietary behenic acid is poorly absorbed. (source )

Behenic acid is poorly absorbed because of its low solubility and high viscosity, and is hydrolyzed to lauric acid by pancreatic lipase in the small intestine.

Behenic Acid Is Rare

Foods containing behenic acid are quite rare, but you can find it mostly in nuts. (source )

Foods You Can Find Behenic Acid In

You find behenic acid mostly in sweets, fats and oils, legumes, and nuts and seed products.

Examples of food sources include

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