What Is Arachidic Acid (20:0) & What Foods Can I Find It In?

Hazelnut spread on a sandwich
Hazelnut spread contains arachidic acid

Arachidic acid, 20:0 known as icosanoic acid or eicosanoic acid.

It’s a very long-chain, saturated fatty acid.

Diets rich in saturated fats like arachidic acid are associated with increased levels of low-density lipoproteins (LDL).

Arachidic acid is used in the industry for the production of detergents and lubricants.

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Uses Of Arachidic acid

Arachidic acid is used in the food industry as a food additive and in the pharmaceutical industry as an intermediate for producing vitamin E and biochemicals.

Producing Vitamin E

Arachidic acid is a starting material for producing vitamin E.

The most important method for producing vitamin E is to convert arachidic acid into α-tocopherol, which is an important antioxidant.

Producing biochemicals

Arachidic acid is also used as a starting material for producing biochemicals.

For example, arachidic acid is used as a starting material for producing prostaglandin, which is a drug for preventing bone resorption, and as a starting material for producing lysophosphatidic acid, which is a surfactant.

Hydrogenation Of Arachidic Acid

Arachidic acid is obtained by hydrogenation of oils and fats, such as soybean oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, sesame oil, and sunflower oil.

Arachidic acid, 20:0, is a saturated very long-chain fatty acid.(source )

By hydrogenation can arachidic acid be formed into arachidonic acid.

Foods You Can Find Arachidic Acid (20:0) In

You find arachidic acid mostly in nuts and seeds, sweets, fats and oils, and legume products.

Examples of food sources include

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