What Is trans-beta-Carotene & What Foods Can I Find It In?

Red grape tomatoes in a bowl
Grape tomatoes contain trans-beta-Carotene

trans-beta-Carotene belongs to the provitamin A carotenoid family and is a common carotenoid found in nature.

Like beta-Carotene, it serves as an antioxidant, playing a crucial role in protecting the body from the effects of radiation and environmental toxins, such as tobacco smoke and air pollution.

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Understanding trans-beta-Carotene and Its Variants

It's worth noting that all-trans-beta-Carotene is considered the most important among approximately 20 carotenoids present in the blood plasma, demonstrating its significance for health.

This particular type of beta-Carotene is the predominant isomer in many fresh fruits and vegetables, making it an essential dietary component. (source )

trans-beta-Carotene: A Vital Precursor of Vitamin A

One of the standout features of trans-beta-Carotene is its role as the most suitable and important precursor for Vitamin A, a vital nutrient essential for good vision, red blood cell formation, and cell division.

It's highly bio-available, making it more effectively absorbed by the body compared to other forms of beta-carotene. (source )

Exploring the Antioxidant Power of trans-beta-Carotene

As one of the most well-studied antioxidants, trans-beta-Carotene is particularly effective at blocking DNA damage caused by free radicals, making it a valuable ally in the prevention of diseases associated with free radicals, including cancer.

Food Sources Rich in trans-beta-Carotene

You can find trans-beta-Carotene predominantly in vegetable, dairy, and fruit products. Notable examples of food sources include Grape Tomatoes, Butter, Bananas, and Whole Milk. Including these items in your diet can provide essential health benefits associated with trans-beta-Carotene.

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