What is Heptadecenoic Acid (17:1) & What Foods Can I Find It In?

Heptadecenoic acid, 17:1, is an odd-chain monounsaturated uncommon fatty acid.

Heptadecenoic acid has been found in human skeletal muscle, tissues and has been detected in biofluids.

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Heptadecenoic Acid, Uncommen And Unknown

Heptadecenoic acid is an monounsaturated fatty acid with an unsaturated double bond at the 10th carbon. It belongs to the class of organic compounds of odd-chain and long-chain fatty acids. (source )

The origin of heptadecenoic acid is not clear. (source )

Heptadecenoic Acid In Our Brain

Heptadecenoic acid is a important fatty acid that has been shown to be present in the human brain.

Heptadecenoic acid can be converted into docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) by body cells. Both heptadecenoic acid and DHA are involved in the development of the brain and in the maturation of retinal cells.

This fatty acid is present in such high concentrations in our brain that it can be used as a biomarker for depression and bipolar disorder.

Foods You Can Find Heptadecanoic Acid In

You find heptadecanoic acid mostly in lamb, veal, and game, american indian and alaska native food, beef, and sausage and luncheon meat.

Examples of food sources include

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