What Is Pentadecenoic Acid (15:1) & What Foods Can I Find It In?

Pentadecenoic acid, 15:1, is a monounsaturated uncommon fatty acid.

Even though it is one of the most common odd-chain fatty acids, it is rare in nature.

Pentadecenoic acid has been shown to exert a range of positive effects on health.

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Pentadecenoic Acid Is Unique

Pentadecenoic acid is a unique fatty acid that has been isolated from natural sources and used in various studies of human health, especially as a supplement for skin care products and as an additive to foodstuffs.

An Odd-Chain Fatty Acid In Fat And Milk

Pentadecenoic acid is an odd-chain fatty acid. (source ) Odd-chain fatty acids are those fatty acids that contain an odd number of carbon atoms.

Fatty acids are a group of organic compounds that are produced by living organisms. Fatty acids are commonly found in the skin and they play an important role in the structure of the skin.

Pentadecenoic acid is found naturally in animal fat. It’s also found in the milk fat from cows, so the butterfat in cow's milk is our major dietary source of natural pentadecenoic acid. (source)

Benefits Of Pentadecenoic Acid

Pentadecenoic acid is a fatty acid that has been shown to exert a range of positive effects on health, such as:

Foods You Can Find Pentadecenoic Acid In

You find pentadecenoic acid mostly in baked goods, cereals and pasta, american indian and alaska native food, and beef products.

Examples of food sources include

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