What Is Stigmasterol & What Foods Can I Find It In?

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Stigmasterol is a plant sterol.

It’s a member of the class of phytosterols that are found in the plant fats or oils of numerous plants.

It’s among the most abundant plant sterols.

Stigmasterol is used as a food additive in manufactured food products, especially in Europe.

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Stigmasterol Is A Sterol

Stigmasterol is a steroid or sterol. (source )

Stigmasterol is a major phytosterol found in edible plants, such as rice bran and other foods such as wheat germ oil, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and broccoli.

Sterols are often used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. (source )

Stigmasterol is one of the most common sterols found in plant membranes in a variety of plant species. (source )

The biosynthetic pathway of stigmasterol is known to be different from those of other sterols and is thought to be involved in plant growth and development.

Stigmasterol And Acidity

Stigmasterol is related to the quality of virgin olive oil.

High levels of stigmasterol usually mean high acidity. (source )

Stigmasterol In Cocoa

Stigmasterol and acidity are the two most important indicators of the maturity and quality of cocoa.

Stigmasterol content increases during fermentation, whereas acidity decreases.

The cocoa butter content of cocoa beans is a function of the percentage of stigmasterol in the bean.

Beans that are 20–25% stigmasterol are of the best quality and command the highest prices.

Benefits Of Stigmasterol

Stigmasterol has been shown to be a promising candidate for the development of a natural health product that can be used to treat depressive symptoms and to prevent the onset of depression.

Stigmasterol is used in medicament for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Stigmasterol is also often found in skin care products and hair care products.

Foods You Can Find Stigmasterol In

Dark chocolate in pieces on a plate
You can find stigmasterol in dark chocolate

You find Stigmasterol mostly in fats and oil products.

Examples of food sources include

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