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What Is Theobromine?

Theobromine is an alkaloid, mostly found in chocolate and cocoa beans. It has a lesser but similar effect similar to that of caffeine in the human nervous system.

Theobromine is safe to consume and has fewer unwanted effects than caffeine. Caffeine and theobromine are both xanthines.

There are large amounts of theobromine found in dark chocolate.

Theobromine And Caffeine

Theobromine is also known as Xantheose. It is a water-insoluble, crystalline, bitter powder.

Theobromine is the bitter-tasting compound found in cocoa and chocolate.

It contains a lot of health benefits. You can check them out in Theobromine: 11 Research-Backed Benefits .

Theobromine and caffeine are psychoactive compounds. It means that they influence our moods and our state of alertness in a positive way.

Theobromine, which is found in higher amounts than caffeine, seems to be behind several of the positive effects attributed to cocoa intake.

Theobromine is safe for humans and has fewer unwanted effects than caffeine. (source ๐Ÿ——)

Theobromine In Chocolates

Theobromine is a compound in dark and milk chocolates, but not in white chocolates.

But when nutrition and health promotion are of concern, sugar-free dark chocolates are recommended over milk and white chocolates. Because of the higher amount of theobromine, and higher contents of antioxidant phenolic compounds. (source ๐Ÿ——)

Theobromine at normal intake ranges may contribute to the positive effects of chocolate. But at higher intakes, the mood effects may become negative. (source ๐Ÿ——)

Theobromine in chocolate is safe to consume by humans. But animals, such as dogs, metabolize theobromine more slowly which may lead to theobromine poisoning. (source ๐Ÿ——)

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