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What Is Vaccenic Acid?

Vaccenic acid is a naturally occurring monounsaturated omega-7 fatty acid. Vaccenic acid has been found in the human orbitofrontal cortex of patients with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Unfortunately, there is limited scientific evidence that exists regarding the effect of vaccenic acid on health. More studies are needed for this fatty acid.

Vaccenic Acid Is A trans-Fatty Acid

18:1-11 t n-7 is also called vaccenic acid. It's a naturally occurring trans-fatty acid.

Vaccenic acid is an omega-7 fatty acid. (source đź——)

Vaccenic Acid In Fat

The two major dietary sources of vaccenic acid are ruminant dairy and meat fat. (source đź——)

Trans fats are uncommon in nature, except for vaccenic acid that you find in ruminant fat. (source đź——)

Health Benefits Of Vaccenic Acid

Vaccenic acid may have health benefits instead of being bad for you that normally other trans fatty acids are. But research is lacking.(source đź——)

There is a weak association between intake of trans-fatty acids and risk of cancer, but the risk is not well understood. Results from studies have been inconsistent. (source đź——)

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