What Is cis-9-Tetradecenoic Acid (14:1 c) & What Foods Can I Find It In?

Butter on a tray with a knife
Butter contains cis 9 tetradecenoic acid

cis-9-tetradecenoic acid (14:1 c) is uncommon in nature.

It’s a long-chain monounsaturated cis fatty acid and it is the cis-isomer of myristoleic acid 14:1.

cis-9-tetradecenoic acid is practically insoluble in water, and relatively neutral.

It seems that cis-9-tetradecenoic acid possess some health benefits.

cis-Isomer Of Myristoleic Acid

14:1 c is the cis-isomer of myristoleic acid (14:1) and it's also called cis-9-tetradecenoic acid.

Isomers are compounds that contain exactly the same number of atoms.

The cis-isomer indicates that the functional groups are on the same side of the carbon chain, while the trans-isomer indicates that functional groups are on opposing sides of the carbon chain. (source )

Benefits Of cis-9-Tetradecenoic Acid

cis-9-tetradecenoic acid might be beneficial for the treatment of fatty liver.

cis-9-tetradecenoic acid is beneficial for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and chronic low back pain. However, the synthesis of this fatty acid has been shown to be difficult. Therefore, not so commonly used.

Where To Find cis-9-Tetradecenoic Acid

14:1 c is an uncommon monounsaturated fatty acid.

In the body, it is found in the membranes of the brain and the retina.

It is found in a few foods, and in most cases, in very low quantities.

You can find it in foods like (source )

One of the major sources of this fatty acid is the seed oil from plants of the family Myristicaceae. (source )

Another source is from several kinds of cheese such as

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