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What Is delta-5-Avenasterol?

delta-5-Avenasterol is also known as Fucosterol or Isofucosterol. It’s a sterol of the class of phytosterols.

It does also belong to the class of organic compounds known as stigmastanes and derivatives.

delta-5-Avenasterol Is A Sterol

delta-5-avenasterol is a phytosterol. Phytosterols are compounds that occur naturally and have a structural resemblance to cholesterol, but the configuration is different, which makes it work as an anti-cholesterol. (source đź——)

delta-5-avenasterol scientific name is Isofucosterol. (source đź——)

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Where To Find delta-5-Avenasterol

delta-5-avenasterol can be found in several foods, like horseradish tree, lettuce, and walnuts, but also lingonberry, peppermint, tea leaf willow, and celery leaves. (source đź——)

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