What Is Tridecanoic Acid (13:0) & What Foods Can I Find It In?

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Tridecanoic acid, 13:0, also known as N-tridecanoate.

It’s a saturated fatty acid that belongs to the class of organic compounds known as long-chain fatty acids.

Tridecanoic acid is found in the triglycerides of edible oils and fats.

Tridecanoic acid can potentially be toxic.

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Insoluble In Water

Tridecanoic acid, also known as N-tridecanoate, is a saturated fatty acid.

It has a role as a plant metabolite. (source )

Tridecanoic acid is a hydrophobic molecule, practically insoluble in water. (source )

How To Obtain Tridecanoic Acid

Tridecanoic acid is conventionally obtained by the oxidation of myristic acid, which is in turn prepared from natural sources such as coconut oil or by the hydrogenation of myristoleic acid, which in turn is obtained from natural sources such as tallow.

Tridecanoic Acid In The Chemical Industry

Tridecanoic acid is an important product of the industrial chemical industry.

It is used as a monomer in the manufacture of polyesters for films, fibers, bottles and other containers, and also as an intermediate in the synthesis of various plasticizers.

Toxicity Of Tridecanoic Acid

High doses of tridecanoic acid can potentially be toxic, causing swelling, anorexia, and various other signs.

However, the mechanisms of action of tridecanoic acid are not clear and are in need of further studies.

Foods You Can Find Tridecanoic Acid In

You find tridecanoic acid mostly in spices and herbs, dairy and eggs, sauces and gravies, and sweets.

Examples of food sources include

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