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What Is Vitamin D3? How To Get It

Vitamin D3 is one of two forms of Vitamin D. The other is vitamin D2. Vitamin D3 can we get from animal sources and through the sun.

Vitamin D3 is not a vitamin, despite its name. It is a hormone that is synthesized by sunlight.

Our skin can synthesize vitamin D3 when exposed to sunlight. It is the primary source of vitamin D in most countries.

But vitamin D deficiency is a large health problem. Supplementation may be vital for some populations.

According to research is a supplementation of vitamin D3 more effective than vitamin D2.

Vitamin D3 Is Very Important

Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin with many health benefits. There are two forms of vitamin D, vitamin D2, and vitamin D3. (source πŸ——)

Vitamin D receptor is present in most tissues and cells in the body. (source πŸ——)

You can find health benefits from vitamin D3 in Vitamin D3 : 12 Research-Backed Benefits .

Get Vitamin D3 From The Sun

A unique aspect of vitamin D3 is that it can be synthesized by our body through sunlight exposure. (source πŸ——)

The major source of vitamin D for children and adults is exposure to natural sunlight. (source πŸ——)

Wearing a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30 reduces vitamin D3 synthesis in the skin by more than 95%. (source πŸ——)

People with a naturally dark skin tone have natural sun protection. They require at least three to five times longer exposure to make the same amount of vitamin D3 as a person with a light skin tone. (source πŸ——)

In foods vitamin D3 is only found in animal-sourced foods. (source πŸ——)

If you are interested in a list of foods where you can find this nutrient. Go to our nutrition tool and check out vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3 Vs D2

Daily supplementation of vitamin D3 is more effective than vitamin D2 in maintaining vitamin status over the winter months in healthy adults living in the northern parts of the world. (source πŸ——)

Vitamin D3 appears to be better than D2 at improving the overall vitamin D status. (source πŸ——)

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