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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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What Is Menaquinone-4 & What Foods Can I Find It In?

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Menaquinone-4, MK-4, is the most common compound in the vitamin K family.

Vitamin K is not just one vitamin.

It is the collective name for several fat-soluble compounds with similar chemical structures.

Menaquinone-4 Belongs To Vitamin K2

Dietary vitamin K is found in two main forms; phylloquinone, also called vitamin K1, and menaquinones, also called vitamin K2.

Vitamin K2 has several subtypes that range from MK-4 to MK-13. Menaquinone-4, MK-4, is also known as menatetrenone. Which is the most common type of vitamin K2.(source )

Menaquinone-4 is a lipid-soluble substance naturally present in foods such as meat, fish and dairy products.

It is found in lesser amounts in whole grains and in higher amounts in fortified foods.

Benefits Of Menaquinone-4

Little is known about the bioavailability of nutritional MK-4. But it has shown some health benefits through research. (source )

Menaquinone-4 is believed to be good for preventing infections.

You can see what other kinds of benefits MK-4 possesses in Menaquinone-4: 3 Research-Backed Benefits .

Menaquinone-4 Absorbs Better

Some believe that because vitamin K2 is in foods that contain fat, it may better be absorbed than vitamin K1.(source )

Foods You Can Find Menaquinone-4 In

You find Menaquinone-4 mostly in sausage and luncheon meat, poultry, dairy and egg products.

Examples of food sources include

  • Beef & Pork Pepperoni
  • Turkey Sausage
  • Broilers Or Fryers Drumstick
  • Meat & Poultry Frankfurter
  • Turkey Frankfurter
  • Meatballs
  • Beef & Pork Salami

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