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What Is Phylloquinone?

Phylloquinone is one of the K Vitamins. Vitamin K is not just one vitamin. It is the collective name for several fat-soluble compounds with similar chemical structures.

The major form of vitamin K you find in green plants comes in the form of phylloquinone. It is the predominant form of vitamin K found in the human diet.

Phylloquinone, Our Major Dietary Source

Dietary vitamin K is found in two main forms; phylloquinone also called vitamin K1, and menaquinones, also called vitamin K2. Phylloquinone is our major dietary source, which is mainly found in green plants. (source đź——)

The human vitamin K requirement is not known precisely.

We Consume Lots Of Phylloquinone, But Can't Absorb It

Phylloquinone is the major dietary form of the K vitamins, and it has a much faster turnover than vitamins A, D, and E. (source đź——)

But vitamin K1 found in plants is poorly absorbed by the body. It seems to be less than 10% of the K1 found in plants is actually absorbed. (source đź——)

Also, the majority of the daily dietary intake of phylloquinone gets lost by excretion, around 60-70%. It emphasizes the need for a steady dietary supply. (source đź——)

Vitamin K For Infants

Vitamin K is especially important for infants. Neonates that do not receive vitamin K at birth are at higher risk of hemorrhagic disease of the newborn. (source đź——)

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