What Is cis-Erucic Acid (22:1 c) & What Foods Can I Find It In?

cis-Erucic acid, 22:1 c is also known as cis-13-Docosenoic acid. It is the conjugate acid of Erucic acid 22:1.

It belongs to the class of organic compounds known as very-long-chain fatty acids and a monounsaturated cis fatty acid.

cis-Erucic acid has been found in endocrine gland tissue and also in several biofluids. Health concerns about cis-erucic acid and erucic acid are raised, and research is ongoing.

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cis-Isomer Of Erucic Acid

22:1 c is the cis-isomer of Erucic acid 22:1. It’s also called cis-Erucic acid or cis-13-Docosenoic acid. (source )

Isomers are compounds with identical chemical formulas but different structures. The cis-isomer indicates that the functional groups are on the same side of the carbon chain.

While the trans-isomer indicates that functional groups are on opposing sides of the carbon chain. (source )

22:1 c is a monounsaturated very long-chain fatty acid. (source )

cis-Erucic Acid Is Versatile

cis-Erucic acid is a naturally occurring compound that is found in significant quantities in canola and rapeseed oil, which are the two main edible vegetable oils in the world.

It is a commercially useful product because it can be used to manufacture a variety of useful products, including detergents, dispersants, and lubricants.

Cis-Erucic acid is also a very important feedstock for the production of soaps, polyesters, polyethers, and other chemical products.

cis-Erucic acid is the only plant-based fatty acid that can be directly converted to erucic acid in yeast.

Foods You Can Find cis-Erucic Acid In

You find cis-erucic acid mostly in spices and herbs, seafood, fats and oils, sauces and gravies.

Examples of food sources include

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