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Explore All Restaurant Foods In Our Nutrition Tool

Welcome to our Restaurant Food Category!

In this section, you'll discover a curated selection of restaurant meals, each accompanied by detailed nutritional profiles. We're here to provide you with a convenient way to search for restaurant foods that rank in the top three for specific nutrients, setting them apart from other items in our tool.

It's no secret that restaurant food often contains high levels of energy, fat, and sodium. Research indicates that food prepared outside the home tends to have poorer nutritional quality compared to homemade meals.

Restaurants offer a diverse range of experiences, from quick and budget-friendly fast food joints to upscale, luxurious fine dining establishments. With this diversity comes a wide array of culinary offerings and service models. Furthermore, the quality and nutritional content of the foods served can vary significantly, making it essential to make informed choices.

Search for Restaurant Foods in our Nutrition Tool

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Five Restaurant Foods That Rank Top Three For Any Nutrient Compared to All Foods

This table shows all of the foods in the food category restaurant foods that rank top 3 for any nutrient when compared to all foods in our Nutrition Tool.

You can click on a food name for a nutritional profile of that food or a nutrient to explore other foods with that nutrient.

Carrabba's Italian Grill Spaghetti With Meat SauceNutrientRank
Lasagna With MeatNutrientRank
(Italian Restaurant)
Olive Garden Lasagna ClassicoNutrientRank
Pupusas Con FrijolesNutrientRank
(Bean Pupusas, Latino Restaurant)
Free Choline3
Sweet & Sour PorkNutrientRank
(Chinese Restaurant)
fig 1. List of restaurant foods that rank top 3 for any nutrient compared to all foods in our Nutrition Tool

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