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What Is Lysine?

Lysine is one of nine essential amino acids in humans required for growth and tissue repair. Lysine plays several important roles in humans.

Essential means that the body cannot synthesize it, and therefore must be ingested through our diet.

Lysine In Our Muscles

Lysine is an essential amino acid. Compared to most other amino acids, lysine is highly concentrated in muscles. (source ๐Ÿ——)

Lysine In Food

Lysine is high in foods such as wheat germ, cottage cheese, and chicken. Of meat products, wild game and pork have the highest concentration of lysine. Fruits and vegetables contain little lysine, except avocados. (source ๐Ÿ——)

If you are interested in a list of foods where you can find this nutrient. Go to our nutrition tool and check out lysine.

Lysine Is A Stable Acid

Lysine is found in nature and is stable at high temperatures and under both acidic and alkaline conditions. (source ๐Ÿ——)

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