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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Ranked List Of 40 Foods In Baby Foods That Contain Lycopene

Here's a list of all 40 foods in Baby Foods that contain lycopene. The list is sorted from the food with the most amount to the food with the least amount.

We recommend you also check out our dedicated page for Lycopene or take a look at what other foods there are in Baby Foods.

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How To Use The Tables

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Foods Ranked 1 - 40 In Baby Foods That Contain Lycopene

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Foodper 100gper Oz
1.Baby Food Beef Stew (Toddler)2,575 ug730 ug
2.Babyfood Beef With Vegetables (Meat, Toddler)1,706 ug483.64 ug
3.Baby Food Beef With Vegetables (Toddler)1,706 ug483.64 ug
4.Babyfood Cheese Filled Ravioli (With Tomato Sauce)1,632 ug462.66 ug
5.Baby Food Cheese-Filled Ravioli (With Tomato Sauce, Toddler)1,632 ug462.66 ug
6.Babyfood Turkey, Rice, & Vegetables (Dinner, Toddler)1,175 ug333.11 ug
7.Baby Food Turkey, Rice, & Vegetables (Toddler)1,175 ug333.11 ug
8.Babyfood Turkey & Rice (Dinner, Junior)1,127 ug319.5 ug
9.Baby Food Turkey, Rice, & Vegetables (Junior)1,127 ug319.5 ug
10.Babyfood Spaghetti, Tomato & Meat (Dinner, Junior)1,030 ug292 ug
11.Babyfood Beef Noodle (Dinner, Junior)1,030 ug292 ug
12.Baby Food Beef & Egg Noodles (Junior)1,030 ug292 ug
13.Baby Food Spaghetti, Tomato Sauce, & Beef (Junior)1,030 ug292 ug
14.Baby Food Beef & Egg Noodles (Unspecified If Strained Or Junior)753 ug213.47 ug
15.Babyfood Vegetables & Beef (Strained, Dinner)627 ug177.75 ug
16.Babyfood Vegetables & Beef (Dinner, Junior)627 ug177.75 ug
17.Baby Food Vegetable & Beef (Unspecified If Strained Or Junior)627 ug177.75 ug
18.Baby Food Vegetable & Beef (Strained)627 ug177.75 ug
19.Baby Food Vegetable & Beef (Junior)627 ug177.75 ug
20.Baby Food Turkey, Rice, & Vegetables (Unspecified If Strained Or Junior)564 ug159.89 ug
21.Babyfood Beef Noodle (Strained, Dinner)476 ug134.94 ug
22.Baby Food Beef & Egg Noodles (Strained)476 ug134.94 ug
23.Babyfood Macaroni (Beef & Tomato Sauce, Dinner, Toddler)333 ug94.4 ug
24.Baby Food Macaroni With Beef & Tomato Sauce (Toddler)333 ug94.4 ug
25.Babyfood Pasta With Vegetables (Dinner)290 ug82.21 ug
26.Baby Food Macaroni With Vegetables (Strained)290 ug82.21 ug
27.Babyfood Macaroni, Tomato & Beef (Dinner, Junior)250 ug70.87 ug
28.Baby Food Macaroni, Tomatoes, & Beef (Junior)250 ug70.87 ug
29.Baby Food Macaroni, Tomatoes, & Beef (Unspecified If Strained Or Junior)146 ug41.39 ug
30.Babyfood Macaroni, Tomato & Beef (Strained, Dinner)42 ug11.91 ug
31.Baby Food Macaroni, Tomatoes, & Beef (Strained)42 ug11.91 ug
32.Gerber Banana With Orange Medley (Babyfood)1 ug0.28 ug
33.Babyfood Vegetable & Brown Rice (Strained)1 ug0.28 ug
34.Babyfood Carrots (Toddler)1 ug0.28 ug
35.Gerber 3rd Foods (Apple, Mango, & Kiwi, Babyfood)1 ug0.28 ug
36.Babyfood Carrots & Beef (Strained)1 ug0.28 ug
37.Baby Food Bananas With Orange (Strained)1 ug0.28 ug
38.Baby Food Carrots (Toddler)1 ug0.28 ug
39.Baby Food Vegetables & Rice (Strained)1 ug0.28 ug
40.Baby Food Carrots & Beef (Strained)1 ug0.28 ug

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