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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

Thank you for your visit!
Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

Thank you for your visit!

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442 Listed Foods In The Category Cereal Grains and Pasta

In this category you will find cereal grains, pasta, and products thereof, and their nutritional profiles.

Cereal grains:

Are seeds that come from grasses such as wheat, millet, rice, barley, oats, rye, sorghum, and corn. Cereal grain crops are grown in greater quantities and provide more food energy worldwide than any other type of crop.


Are typically made from a dough of wheat flour, water or eggs, and formed into sheets or other shapes, then cooked by boiling or baking. Cooked plain pasta usually has a low nutrient profile, it consists mostly of carbohydrates, in the form of starch.

Foods in Cereal Grains and Pasta Listed In 140 Groups

The table below shows all of the 442 foods grouped in food types. The number in parantheses shows the number of foods within that food type.

Click on a food type to show the different foods.

You can find out what nutrients there are in each food by clicking on it. For every food we also show how many nutrients we have a measurement for.

Amaranth Grain (2)
Arrowroot Flour (1)
Barley (6)
Barley Flour Or Meal (1)
Barley Malt Flour (1)
Bierock (1)
Blue Corn Flour (1)
Bread Stuffing (1)
Bread Stuffing Made With Egg (1)
Brown & Wild Rice (3)
Brown Rice (12)
Brown Rice Flour (1)
Brown Rice Flour Pasta (1)
Buckwheat (1)
Buckwheat Flour (1)
Buckwheat Groats (4)
Bulgur (4)
Cheese Knish (1)
Cheese Quiche (1)
Cheese Turnover (1)
Cheese-Filled Turnover (1)
Chicken Turnover (1)
Chicken- Or Turkey-, & Cheese-Filled Turnover (1)
Chicken- Or Turkey-, & Vegetable-Filled Turnover (1)
Chow Fun Rice Noodles (3)
Chow Mein (1)
Congee (1)
Corn (29)
Corn & Rice Flour Pasta (1)
Corn Bran (1)
Corn Pasta (2)
Corn With Red Or Green Peppers (5)
Cornbread Stuffing (1)
Cornmeal Dressing (1)
Cornstarch (1)
Couscous (4)
Crepe (2)
Dark Rye Flour (1)
Dosa (1)
Dressing (3)
Dry Buckwheat Groats (1)
Dry Bulgur (1)
Dry Cornstarch (1)
Dry Couscous (1)
Dry Egg Noodles (2)
Dry Rice Noodles (1)
Dumpling (4)
Durum Wheat (1)
Egg Noodles (4)
Empanada (3)
Flat Noodles (1)
Hard Red Spring Wheat (1)
Hard Red Winter Wheat (1)
Hard White Wheat (1)
Homemade Pasta (2)
Jalapeno Pepper (1)
Khorasan Wheat (2)
Kishke (1)
Long Rice Noodles (3)
Macaroni (3)
Masa (3)
Meat Knish (1)
Meat Pie (1)
Meat Turnover (1)
Millet (5)
Millet Flour (1)
Noodles (3)
Oat Bran (3)
Oat Flour (1)
Oats (2)
Pasta (11)
Pastry (3)
Pastry Flour (1)
Potato Knish (1)
Quiche (1)
Quinoa (5)
Red Or Green Corn With Peppers (1)
Rice (2)
Rice Bran (1)
Rice Flour (1)
Rice Noodles (1)
Rye Flour (2)
Rye Grain (1)
Semolina (2)
Soba Noodles (2)
Soft Red Winter Wheat (1)
Soft White Wheat (1)
Somen Noodles (2)
Sorghum Flour (2)
Sorghum Grain (1)
Spaghetti (8)
Spanakopitta (1)
Spelt (2)
Spinach & Egg Noodles (2)
Spinach Macaroni (3)
Spinach Noodles (3)
Spinach Pasta (2)
Spinach Quiche (1)
Spinach Spaghetti (2)
Sprouted Wheat (1)
Sweet Rice (1)
Tabbouleh (1)
Tapioca Pearls (1)
Teff (2)
Triticale (1)
Triticale Flour (1)
Turnover (11)
Vada (1)
Vegetable Macaroni (5)
Vegetables & Cheese In Pastry (1)
Vegetables In Pastry (1)
Vermicelli (1)
Vital Wheat Gluten (1)
Wheat Bran (2)
Wheat Flours (1)
Wheat Germ (2)
White & Wild Rice (3)
White Cake Wheat Flour (1)
White Corn (26)
White Corn Flour (1)
White Corn Grain (1)
White Cornmeal (6)
White Hominy (1)
White Rice (31)
White Rice Flour (1)
White Wheat Flour (19)
Whole Grain Pasta (4)
Whole Wheat Macaroni (3)
Whole Wheat Noodles (2)
Whole-Grain Wheat Flour (2)
Whole-Wheat Pasta (2)
Wild Rice (5)
Yellow & White Corn (24)
Yellow Corn (34)
Yellow Corn Flour (3)
Yellow Corn Grain (1)
Yellow Cornmeal (6)
Yellow Hominy (1)
Yellow Rice (3)

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