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25 Fats and Oils With 18:3i - Care Omnia Nutrition

Below we list 25 Fats and Oils with 18:3i. The list is sorted from the food with the most amount to the food with the least amount.

We recommend you also check out our top ranked list of all foods with 18:3i or take a look at what other foods there are in Fats and Oils.

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Ranked List Of 25 Fats and Oils With 18:3i

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Fats and Oils Ranked 1 - 20 With 18:3i

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RankFats and Oils with 18:3iper 100gper Oz
(For Salads, Woks & Light Frying, Industrial)
1.3 g368.5 mg
(With Antifoaming Agent, Principal Uses Salads, Woks & Light Frying, Industrial)
1.3 g362.9 mg
(80% Diglycerides)
1.2 g337.4 mg
4Two foods with the same rank/nutrient values695 mg197 mg
(Industrial, For Frying, Partially Hydrogenated Soy)
(Industrial, Pourable Liquid Fry Shortening, Partially Hydrogenated Soy)
(Partially Hydrogenated, Principal Uses Popcorn & Flavoring Vegetables, Industrial)
676 mg191.6 mg
(Partially Hydrogenated, Multiuse For Non-Dairy Butter Flavor, Industrial)
552 mg156.5 mg
(Partially Hydrogenated Soy & Cottonseed, Principal Use As A Tortilla Shortening)
533 mg151.1 mg
(Natreon Canola, High Stability, Non Trans, High Oleic, 70%)
527 mg149.4 mg
(Soybean, Refined)
497 mg140.9 mg
( Partially Hydrogenated, All Purpose, Industrial)
495 mg140.3 mg
(Partially Hydrogenated, Principal Uses Icings & Fillings, Industrial)
486 mg137.8 mg
(Industrial, Non-Dairy, Cottonseed, Soy Oil, Partially Hydrogenated, For Flaky Pastries)
473 mg134.1 mg
(Partially Hydrogenated, Oil For Deep Fat Frying, Industrial)
466 mg132.1 mg
(Pourable Clear Fry, Partially Hydrogenated & Winterized Soy, Industrial)
438 mg124.2 mg
(Industrial, For Baking & Confections, Partially Hydrogenated Soy)
400 mg113.4 mg
(Industrial, Use For Baking, Soy & Partially Hydrogenated Soy Oil, Sauces & Candy)
343 mg97.2 mg
(Low Linolenic, Industrial)
287 mg81.4 mg
(Industrial, Partially Hydrogenated Soy, Cottonseed & Soy, Principal Use Flaky Pastries)
264 mg74.8 mg
(Margarine-like Spread)
211 mg59.8 mg
(High Oleic, Industrial)
191 mg54.1 mg
fig 1. Fats and Oils with 18:3i rank 1 to 20

Fats and Oils Ranked 21 - 24 With 18:3i

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RankFats and Oils with 18:3iper 100gper Oz
21187 mg53 mg
(Ultra Low Linolenic, Industrial)
182 mg51.6 mg
(With Salt, Vegetable Oil Spread, Approximately 37% Fat, Unspecified Oils)
157 mg44.5 mg
(Fully Hydrogenated, Industrial)
96 mg27.2 mg
fig 2. Fats and Oils with 18:3i rank 21 to 24

Foods With 18:3i In Other Food Categories

The food categories below have foods that contain 18:3i.

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Food CategoriesNumber of foods
in category
Beef Products19
Dairy and Egg Products18
Pork Products30
Restaurant Foods17
Sausages and Luncheon Meats11
fig 3. Food categories with foods that contain 18:3i

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