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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Ranked List Of 38 Foods In Spices, Herbs and Condiments That Contain Phytosterols

Here's a list of all 38 foods in Spices, Herbs and Condiments that contain phytosterols. The list is sorted from the food with the most amount to the food with the least amount.

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How To Use The Tables

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Foods Ranked 1 - 38 In Spices, Herbs and Condiments That Contain Phytosterols

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Foodper 100gper Oz
1.Ground Cloves (Spices)256 mg72.57 mg
2.Sage (Ground, Spices)244 mg69.17 mg
3.Oregano (Dried, Spices)203 mg57.55 mg
4.Paprika (Spices)175 mg49.61 mg
5.Thyme (Dried, Spices)163 mg46.21 mg
6.Fenugreek Seed (Spices)140 mg39.69 mg
7.Dill Seed (Spices)124 mg35.15 mg
8.Mustard Seed (Ground, Spices)118 mg33.45 mg
9.Basil (Dried, Spices)106 mg30.05 mg
10.Poultry Seasoning (Spices)96 mg27.22 mg
11.Pepper (Black, Spices)92 mg26.08 mg
12.Onion Powder (Spices)87 mg24.66 mg
13.Ginger (Ground, Spices)83 mg23.53 mg
14.Pepper (Red Or Cayenne, Spices)83 mg23.53 mg
15.Chili Powder (Spices)83 mg23.53 mg
16.Dried Spearmint82 mg23.25 mg
17.Tarragon (Dried, Spices)81 mg22.96 mg
18.Caraway Seed (Spices)76 mg21.55 mg
19.Mace (Ground, Spices)73 mg20.7 mg
20.Pumpkin Pie Spice (Spices)71 mg20.13 mg
21.Cumin Seed (Spices)68 mg19.28 mg
22.Fennel Seed (Spices)66 mg18.71 mg
23.Nutmeg (Ground, Spices)62 mg17.58 mg
24.Allspice (Ground, Spices)61 mg17.29 mg
25.Celery Seed (Spices)60 mg17.01 mg
26.Marjoram (Dried, Spices)60 mg17.01 mg
27.Rosemary (Dried, Spices)58 mg16.44 mg
28.White Pepper (Spices)55 mg15.59 mg
29.Canned Capers48 mg13.61 mg
30.Cardamom (Spices)46 mg13.04 mg
31.Coriander Seed (Spices)46 mg13.04 mg
32.Fresh Rosemary44 mg12.47 mg
33.Savory (Ground, Spices)31 mg8.79 mg
34.Cinnamon (Ground, Spices)26 mg7.37 mg
35.Fresh Peppermint13 mg3.69 mg
36.Fresh Spearmint10 mg2.83 mg
37.Prepared Horseradish9 mg2.55 mg
38.Garlic Powder (Spices)8 mg2.27 mg

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