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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

Thank you for your visit!
Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

Thank you for your visit!

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509 Listed Foods In The Category Lamb, Veal, and Game Products

In this category you will find lamb, veal and game products and their nutritional profile.


Are the meat of domestic sheep. A sheep in its first year is a lamb. Younger lambs are smaller and more tender. Lamb meat is normally pinkish-red. In general, the darker the colour, the older the animal.


Veal is the meat of calves. Most veal comes from young males which will not be used for breeding. Veal is usually more expensive than beef from older cattle.


Game animals refer to land mammals and birds that are not normally considered to be domestic animals. They can be either from the wild or farmed. Game meat could be considered red meat. Red meat is generally described as a lean food, that includes all essential amino acids in a good mix.

Foods In Lamb, Veal, and Game Products Listed In 108 Groups

The table below shows all of the 509 foods grouped in food types. The number in parantheses shows the number of foods within that food type.

Click on a food type to show the different foods.

You can find out what nutrients there are in each food by clicking on it. For every food we also show how many nutrients we have a measurement for.

Antelope (2)
Armadillo (1)
Bear (3)
Beaver (3)
Beefalo (2)
Bison (16)
Caribou (3)
Deer (8)
Deer Chops (1)
Domestic Rabbit (1)
Domesticated Rabbit (3)
Elk (7)
Goat (5)
Goat Head (1)
Goat Ribs (1)
Ground Hog (1)
Ground Lamb (4)
Ground Veal (3)
Horse (2)
Lamb (33)
Lamb Brain (5)
Lamb Breast (2)
Lamb Chop (3)
Lamb Chump (2)
Lamb Flap (4)
Lamb Fore-Shank (4)
Lamb Foreshank (12)
Lamb Heart (4)
Lamb Hind-Shank (4)
Lamb Hocks (1)
Lamb Kidney (4)
Lamb Leg (4)
Lamb Leg Chop/Steak (4)
Lamb Leg, Bottom (4)
Lamb Leg, Center Slice (4)
Lamb Leg, Hindshank (4)
Lamb Leg, Shank Half (10)
Lamb Leg, Sirloin Chops (4)
Lamb Leg, Sirloin Half (10)
Lamb Leg, Whole (14)
Lamb Liver (5)
Lamb Loin (21)
Lamb Loin Chops (7)
Lamb Loin Saddle (4)
Lamb Lungs (2)
Lamb Neck Chops (4)
Lamb Pancreas (2)
Lamb Rack (8)
Lamb Rack Roast (4)
Lamb Rib Chops (4)
Lamb Rib Chops/Rack Roast (2)
Lamb Ribs (14)
Lamb Roast (3)
Lamb Seam Fat (2)
Lamb Shoulder (20)
Lamb Shoulder Arm (16)
Lamb Shoulder Blade (16)
Lamb Shoulder Chop (3)
Lamb Spleen (2)
Lamb Sweetbread (2)
Lamb Tenderloin (8)
Lamb Testes (2)
Lamb Tongue (4)
Moose (3)
Muskrat (2)
Opossum (2)
Rabbit (2)
Raccoon (2)
Rolled & Netted Lamb Shoulder (4)
Square-Cut Lamb Shoulder (4)
Square-Cut Lamb Shoulder Chops (4)
Squirrel (3)
Subcutaneous Fat (2)
Tunnel-Boned Lamb Leg (4)
Veal (11)
Veal Brain (3)
Veal Breast (6)
Veal Cutlet (2)
Veal Foreshank (4)
Veal Heart (2)
Veal Hindshank (2)
Veal Kidneys (2)
Veal Leg (10)
Veal Leg & Shoulder (2)
Veal Liver (3)
Veal Loin (6)
Veal Loin Chops (2)
Veal Lungs (2)
Veal Pancreas (2)
Veal Rib Roast (2)
Veal Ribs (6)
Veal Shank (6)
Veal Shoulder (6)
Veal Shoulder Arm (6)
Veal Shoulder Blade (4)
Veal Shoulder Blade Chop (4)
Veal Sirloin (6)
Veal Spleen (2)
Veal Thymus (2)
Veal Tongue (2)
Venison/Deer (3)
Venison/Deer Ribs (1)
Venison/Deer Steak (2)
Water Buffalo (2)
Wild Boar (2)
Wild Pig (1)
Wild Rabbit (3)

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