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26 Baked Products With Palmitelaidic Acid (16:1 t) - Care Omnia Nutrition

Below we list 26 Baked Products with palmitelaidic acid (16:1 t). The list is sorted from the food with the most amount to the food with the least amount.

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Ranked List Of 26 Baked Products With Palmitelaidic Acid (16:1 t)

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Baked Products Ranked 1 - 10 With Palmitelaidic Acid (16:1 t)

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RankBaked Products with Palmitelaidic Acid (16:1 t)per 100gper Oz
(Commercially Prepared, Butter, Includes Fresh & Frozen)
16 mg4.5 mg
(Commercially Prepared, Plain)
15 mg4.3 mg
312 mg3.4 mg
(Quesadilla Salvadorena)
9 mg2.6 mg
5Three foods with the same rank/nutrient values8 mg2.3 mg
(Chocolate Wafer)
(Dry Mix, Prepared With 2% Milk, 80% Margarine, & Eggs)
5 mg1.4 mg
7Four foods with the same rank/nutrient values4 mg1.1 mg
(Flavored, Fish-Shaped)
(Regular, Standard Snack-Type)
(Guava Pastries)
8Two foods with the same rank/nutrient values3 mg0.9 mg
(Regular, Commercially Prepared, Higher Fat, Enriched)
9Six foods with the same rank/nutrient values2 mg0.6 mg
(In-Store Bakery, Commercially Prepared With Chocolate Frosting)
(Made With Corn Starch & White Rice Flour, Gluten-Free, Multigrain & Vegetable)
(With Whole Wheat, Standard Snack-Type)
(Plain, Commercially Prepared, Refrigerated)
(With Chocolate Frosting, In-Store Bakery, Commercially Prepared)
10Six foods with the same rank/nutrient values1 mg0.3 mg
(Gamesa Sabrosas)
(La Moderna Rikis Cream Crackers)
(Sweet Yeast Bread)
(Commercially Prepared, Includes Soft Bread Crumbs)
fig 1. Baked Products with palmitelaidic acid (16:1 t) rank 1 to 10

Foods With Palmitelaidic Acid (16:1 t) In Other Food Categories

The food categories below have foods that contain palmitelaidic acid (16:1 t).

Select a category to show a ranked list of all the foods in that category with palmitelaidic acid (16:1 t).

Food CategoriesNumber of foods
in category
Beef Products282
Dairy and Egg Products39
Fast Foods143
Finfish and Shellfish Products29
Lamb, Veal, and Game Products78
Meals, Entrees, and Side Dishes30
Poultry Products106
Restaurant Foods73
Sausages and Luncheon Meats29
fig 2. Food categories with foods that contain Palmitelaidic Acid (16:1 t)

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